TubeOhm will release a Juno-106 Emulation Plugin (Windows)

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The german developer TubeOhm, known for this Windows Synthesizers, will release this or next week a new Juno-106 Emulation Plugin. The plugin will be available only Windows users and not for Mac. I hope this developer will port one day his plugins to Mac because they are really great. 

Here are already some audio demos from Soundcloud. Sounds very good and has a lot of Juno-106 characteristics. 

Another demo 

A demo version is already available here: Demo


  1. regarding my comment? The same? Well the U-No is a Juno 60 with some extra stuff. Dive makes a 60 and a 106 I'm pretty sure, Boutique is a 4-voice 106 and the system 8 probably an 8-voice 106. However enough Junos out there for my understanding of marketing :o)

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