EPHEMERE – Glitch Percussion Synthesizer now available

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A lovely new percussion Synthesizer is now available from Inear Display. If normal drum machines are to boring for you, Ephemere is something for you. The complete plugin is based on synthesis and give you a very quick way to create glitch percussions. A detail video will coming very soon to Synth Anatomy with audio demos. 

Ephemere is a percussion synthesizer that includes twelve sound generation engines assigned to each note of an octave. The sounds are generated using FM synthesis and can be further sculpted using a multi mode filter and two simple yet flexible envelope generators.

Ephemere makes it easy to add variety to your rhythmic patterns by attaching a randomization setting to most of the synthesis parameters as well as a trigger probability per sound. By keeping the synthesis engine simple yet powerful and providing extensive randomization options, Ephemere is an invaluable tool to very quickly design custom synthetic percussion sounds.

  • Easy to use yet powerful FM synthesis engine 
  • FM oscillator with feedback 

  • Snappy envelopes with adjustable curves
  • Analog styles multi-mode filter
  • Build-in distortion
  • Clean mixer view always available on the main panel 
  • Pan, solo and mute controls for each channel
  • Multi-out capable: route each sound to a seperate audio track in your DAW to apply external effects
  • Trigger probability control for each sound 
  • Optional randomisation on each trigger for most of the synthesis parameters 
  • Extensive randomisation options: randomise individual sounds controls or pick random sound presets

Other features:

  • 12 factory kits 
  • Scalable User interface
  • Midi learn 
  • Midi Programm change support 
  • 160 Presets 
  • and much more…

More Informations here: https://www.ineardisplay.com/plugins/ephemere/

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