TB-303 Reissue? Roland announced Performance of DJ Pierre (Acid producer)

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Personally, i think a reissue of the legendary Roland TB-303 is pretty sure. I come to this conclusion because they are some clues on their website and in the rumours. First, Roland announced a performance of DJ Pierre, a acid music producer. What kind of Synthesizer do you use for acid? Absolutely a TB-303 or an emulation. This instrument is this one and only machine for creating insane acid tracks. 

On other side, the rumours talked since weeks about a re-issue of the TB-303. One of the question is: with resonance knob or without. You can find also a rumoured picture in the world wide web. 

For me, a TB-303 Boutique Edition and a re-issue of the TB-909 Drum Machine. The answer for this release, you can find in the official release date : 9 september (909). I don’t know if they use analog technology or their own ACB technology to modelling the sound characteristics of this machines. 

We will see on 9 September what Roland will release.

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