Sound Review Heavyocity C-Tools Reaktor Ensemble

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Heavyocity C-Tools Reaktor Ensemble is a bundle of different instruments based on synthesis technology. All three products produced during my tests excellent synth sounds. They can create very classical stuff, unknown sounds and even very crazy chaotic drum sounds. If you are Reaktor 5 or Reaktor 6 user, this library could be something for you. Currently the library is in a 50% OFF summer sale. I created for each instrument a video that shows good how they sounds. 

Available here: Heavyocity C-Tools

Clique Synthesizer is the first instrument inside the C-Tools bundle. This instrument is based on synthesis and combine the sound characteristics of a combo organ and a string machine. The sound results are very interesting.

Coil Synthesizer is the second product inside the C-Tools Bundle. It combines a virtual analog and FM synth. Coil Synth is very easy to use and is good for all knowledge level of synthesis. 

Capsule Drum Machine is the third and last product included in this great bundle for Reaktor 5.9 and better. I use some drum machines already in Reaktor but this one is easy to use and sound great. 

If you are Reaktor 5.9 user and newer, this bundle is great. With the current discount, the bundle is really interesting. Attention, Reaktor Player doesn’t work with this product. One of the best Reaktor libraries available at the moment 

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