Roland Teaser Video for 909 Day – More than 30 New Products and Services

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Roland released today a teaser video about the upcoming 9 September Day (909) where the company will release more than 30 new products and services. Maybe, Roland will join the analog train and will release a full analog Synthesizer like Behringer or Korg. What I personal expect, is nothing pure analog but more new products based on the ACB Technologie like a System 8 Synthesizer or new boutique Synthesizers. 

Here is a mockup picture 

Also the AIRA Sampler which is under the rumours since months, could be released on this day. Other rumours predicted a release for boutique drum machines like a 808 and 909. Also a version of the TB-303 without the resonance knob is rumoured by several people. What Roland will release, we can see on 9 September. 

You can watch the teaser video here:

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