Novation Circuit 1.3: New Features

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In my latest unboxing video, I talked about the reason why I bought a Novation Circuit. One of the main reasons was the new sample import feature. Now, Novation adds more new features for sample users.  

Sample Flip

Select a different sample for each step in all four of the drum tracks to create multi-dimensional drum patterns and free up other tracks for additional instrumentation or sample playback. Then automate sample changes to create variety in your drum patterns.

Sample Preview

This commonly requested feature lets you play and preview your samples without programming them into a pattern. In the studio, this speeds up the drum-programming process immensely due to the speed at which you can audition sounds. On stage, you can live-play any sample along to your existing drum patterns, using Circuit’s velocity-sensitive pads. Let the finger-drumming commence.

Bug Fixes

Bug: Long samples would fade out automatically.
Fixed: Long samples can play back in full when length knob is set to maximum.
Bug: Loading a session on the 16th step would load the new session but omit any notes on the first step.
Fixed: Circuit no longer omits notes on the first step, but you may have to trigger the session change a few fractions of a second earlier.

Here is my unboxing video if you don’t watch it yet 

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