NI Kontakt 5.6 announced for September

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Everybody in the music medias talk about the new release of Komplete 11 but there is a hidden new release inside the new package. Kontakt 5 got a major graphic update with some other new features. It’s a bit hidden in their news but it comes also in September with the release of K11. This update will coming also for the Kontakt 5 Player.

KONTAKT 5.6 comes with this changes: 

  • The user interface has received a major update, bringing it line with the latest NI designs.
  • A fully customizable XY Pad can now be added to user interfaces built with KSP.
  • Developers can now maintain precision even in use-cases involving complex math, with the introduction of a new variable type for real numbers.
  • Going hand in hand with the introduction of real numbers, a library of advanced math functions has been introduced. Trigonometric functions, logarithms, exponential functions, etc., will allow for more easily readable code and lower memory footprint.
  • Maximum width of instruments raised to 1000 pixels and maximum height to 750 pixels.
  • New command to set an instrument’s color, including its header.
More Informations here: Kontakt 5.6

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