iPulsaret Granular Synthesizer – Major Update released

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There is something, I missed to wrote. It was the great iPulsaret major update. I think I have currently to much work for one side university and one other for Synth Anatomy. Alessandro Petrolati, the developer of this app really focus with this update to a complete re-design of the app including some major new features. Here is a screenshot from the new GUI design of iPulsaret. 

iPulsaret is available here:

iPulsaret is also available in a special app bundle with two great other apps 

App Bundle

New Highlight features from this update is the new GUI design, which fit perfect to this app, bluetooth support for audio / midi and finally AudioShare Support.

New Features, improvements and bug fixes: 

  • New SYNC for LFO and Sequencer
  • New UI iPad/iPhone optimization
  • New Keyboard with note/veloc trace
  • New Dynamics Compressor/Expander
  • New iCloud Drive and Document Picker for Presets and Files
  • MIDI Clock improved
  • Fixed crash for all non usual characters in the preset/file names
  • Improved Toggle Interaction
  • Audiobus latest SDK update
  • Midibus 1.35
  • Bluetooth Audio IO support
  • Bluetooth MIDI LE Support
  • New 88.2 and 96 kHz Sampling Rate support 
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Open In…’ Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Sends the audio files used from the Bank’
  • Added File Manager ‘Send E-Mail’ Support 
  • AudioShare support
  • Audio Engine Optimisation
  • iPad Pro compatibility fixed
  • iPhone Landscape Left/Right
Here is a video from Alessandro 

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