Hyve Synthesizer – Portable Touch Synthesizer

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Skot Wiedmann announced a very interesting and unique hardware Synthesizer without any knobs. This is hard for Synthesizer fans who love to play around with knobs but maybe this feature make Hyve Touch Synthesizer very unique and interesting. All the sound changes which you make, will be done with touch sensitive controls and No it’s not an iPad. 

Here is a performance from Joey Cage. The sonic possibilities you get from this small device are really interesting and all this comes from touch movements. The artists describe it: It’s just interesting to go from trombone and guitar, which are almost similar in a way where the tone you are going to get on a guitar is based on your finger movement and how you are playing it, same with a trombone. It kind of makes the Hyve synthesizer feel more natural and organic in a way that what you put into it and how you touch the instrument actually affects the sound.”

Better sound demos, you can find in this second video demonstration. Here are really interesting sounds to hear. 

Really looking forward on the future of this development 

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