Audreio released Revival – Drawbar Synthesizer Plugin

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I think today, it’s a nice day for software Synthesizers. After the launch of the new Blamsoft Synthesizer for Reason  and the GUI Teaser for REPRO 1 Synth by U-he, a third developer released today a new product. Audreio released today a interesting new plugin, a drawbar Synthesizer. Originally it was released under the Rack Extension format and now the developer go further and released it as standard plugin.

Originally built only as a Reason Rack extension, the acclaimed Revival instrument has undergone a full UI update and has been ported to other plugin formats. Now available as AudioUnit, ProTools’ AAX, VST3, and VST2, on both the Mac and Windows platforms.

Revival is defined by outstanding playability and an almost limitless range of sound-design possibilities. “This is a synth for almost any genre of music” says George Persiantsev, CTO of Audreio. Explaining further, he adds, “Revival is equally at home emulating classic instruments such as a Hammond B3 as well as going far beyond the analog sounds into rich and complex electronic textures, leads, basses, and much more. This incredible sonic palette is founded in the unique combination of drawbar additive-synthesis, harmonic modifiers, vintage effects, and a rotary speaker emulator.”
Revival features
  • Four drawbar sections (attack, primary and secondary sustain, and release) control the tone of each part of a note’s evolution. The two sustain layers can be mixed or crossfaded.
  • 17 selectable wavesets for each drawbar —Sine, Tone Wheel, Transistor (3), Saw (5), Square (5), Triangle, Noise (2)— to create the base textures.
  • 14 Harmonic Modifier types assignable individually to each drawbar. Each modifier has a variable ‘color’ control and it can be modulated with envelope shapes, as well as note and velocity modifier scaling.
  • Rotary Speaker / cabinet-emulation (15 types) includes classic rotary speakers with alternate miking, pan control, balance and air controls.
  • Built-in effects rack:
    • Tube and transistor-modeled preamps (6 models) with drive and tone controls.
    • Vintage stereo phaser (3 models) with built-in LFO.
    • Multi-mode mod-filter (11 types) with variable resonance and built-in LFO.
    • Rich, high-density reverb/plate/room-simulator (9 types) with variable reverb-time, pre-delay and left/right stage-position.
    • Rack-delay (7 echo configurations).
    • Master limiter with variable threshold (ceiling) to manage rogue peaks and maximize perceived level.
  • 16-voice polyphony (with another 16 transition-voices).
  • 400+ Presets.
More Informations here: Revival Synthesizer

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