QU-Bit Electronix released Sampler for Eurorack Systems

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In my opinion, the market in Eurorack is good saturated in modules like oscillators, filters, envelopes… I’m always interested in new things, much more intuitive in sound creation. Standard oscillators and filters are available in mass but something which missed in the sector are performant sampler modules. Now the developer QU-Bit released a 4 time polyphone sampler for Eurorack. Looks and sounds interesting. 

The Wave is a voltage controlled, polyphonic sample player. It is designed for the simultaneous playback of high fidelity audio files. Each channel has its own varispeed pitch control, allowing for countless permutations of the original sample.

Each unit ships with a microSD card replete with drum hits, synth sounds, vocal samples and more, ready to get you patching immediately. From drum machine to full blown music production system, the Wave opens up a whole new world of sounds within your Eurorack modular.

  • High quality audio playback
  • 4 banks of 16 samples can be stored at a time (64 total samples)
  • Unlimited file length
  • Ships with microSD card loaded with Wave one shot sample library
More Informations here: QU-Bit Electronix Wave

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