Synthesizer T-Shirts and IOS Synthesizer Presets from Synth Patcher

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Synth Patcher is happy to announced an increase in his Synthesizer T-Shirt collection and that they are now available to buy. Personally I have already some of the t-shirts as “beta” tester and I love them. If you want some t-shirts with some excellent Synthesizer designs from the companies, you must check them out. 

This T-shirt from the modular company Birdkids is lovely designed and I’m pretty sure they are unique because you can buy them only at Synth Patcher T-Shirt store. 

Steve from Synth Patcher also offers presets for IOS Synthesizers. I currently sell their already one library for Laplace Synthesizer but another one is coming this week. I will add a library for the Lorentz Polyphonic Synthesizer for IOS to the list of presets. Coming hopefully this week.

More Informations here: Synth Patcher: T-Shirts and IOS Presets

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