Summer Sale: Applied Acoustics Systems Plugins

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It’s Summer and it’s hot outside. Many developer starts the Summer Sale period and one of these is Applied Acoustics Systems. The company is based in Canada and produced in the past and also now some excellent plugins and sound libraries. I use them a lot in my video demonstration for effects because I love them. They have a very unique sound and can’t be compared with other plugins available. For the summer period, customers receive a 50% discount on all their plugins and bundles. Also a 10 dollar discount is available for all their great sound libraries. Some of them are designed by Richard Devine. 

You will find here some video from me where I use the AAS Plugins in combinations with effects or also solo. If you are interested in their plugins, demo versions are available and if you want to buy them, please use my links so you support Synth Anatomy Blog and my youtube channel. Thanks in advance. 

My favourite of all AAS plugins is Chromaphone 2 🙂

In the first video, I used Chromaphone 2, a percussive physical modelling Synthesizer with a very special Delay effect plugin from Inear Display. 

Available here (50 % off) : AAS Chromaphone 2 
Available here: (not in saleAAS Chromaphone 2 Update

In the next video, I used different plugins from AAS to show your the power of the Inear Display Cruelle plugin. The first example in the demo, I use the AAS Ultra Analog 2 which is a substractive Synthesizer based on physical modelling technology. In the second example, I used Sturm GS-2 Synthesizer which is a Guitar Synthesizer based on physical modelling technology. What I already said, in the third example, Chromaphone 2 Percussive Synthesizer. 

Available here: (50% off): AAS Ultra Analog 2
Available here: (50% off) ): AAS Ultra Analog 2 Upgrade from Ultra Analog Session 1 and 2

If you have an KORG controller, you have a Ultra Analog Session and Sturm GS-2 Session License included, so it’s a good idea to upgrade now. For this price, it’s a nice Synthesizer 

Available here: (50% off)  AAS Sturm GS-2 Synthesizer
Available here: (50% off) AAS Sturm GS-2 Synthesizer Upgrade

In a last demo video, I want to demonstrate you the AAS String Studio VS-2, which is a string Synthesizer based on physical modelling. It’s an older video but it shows you how it sounds. 

Available here: (50% off) AAS String Studio VS-2

For the rest of the plugins, I don’t have yet videos. Maybe in a later stage, I will release some more videos about their plugins

Available here: (50% off): AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4

Also here: if you have a KORG controller, you can upgrade currently also with 50% off 

Available here: (50% off): AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4 Upgarde from Session

Available here: (50 % off) Tassman 4 Modular Synthesizer

Available here: (50 % off) AAS Complete Collection

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