No-Brainer: u-he Tyrell N6 – Free Synthesizer Plug-In for PC and Mac

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Wait ! Is your music budget very small ? Do you want a high quality and easy to use Synthesizer Plugin for free ? Tyrell N6 from U-he is your plugin.

TyrellN6 is a free plugin for PC and Mac which is developed by u-he in cooperation with the German online magazine 

The sound quality of Tyrell N6 is astonishing good for a freeware product. It comes with a lot of different features and sound possibilities. There are a lot of free presets available in different forums and websites which you can download for free. Also non habitual synth programming musicians, can use this plugin very easy because the graphical user interface is intuitive. The GUI is not overloaded with parameters but contains only the most usable parameters for your sound. 

For me personal, the sound quality is phenomenal and are one of the best sounding free Synthesizer currently available on the plugin market. If you check the synthesis, it’s sounds like the u-he ACE Synthesizer and has all the features like a Juno from Roland. 

The synth is divided in two section: Oscillator and Filter  and one other with LFO’s, Matrix and Envelopes.

Oscillator and Filter 
– 2 Oscillators with different shapes 
– 1 Sub-Oscillator 
– 1 Noise Generator 
– 1 Ring Modular 
– 1 Signal Feedback

The Filters comes with two different operate modes. A lowpass-highpass combination and bandpass with 12, 24 and 36 dB / octave. 

                      LFO, ADSR and Modulation Matrix
– 2 LFOs with different waveforms 
– 2 ADSR envelopes 
– 1 Modulation Matrix 

                            Additional to this, you have a chorus effect with three different flavours: classic, dramatic and ensemble which gives some additional sound possibilities. 

    For a free Synthesizer, U-he TyrellN6 is great and powerful. If you search new classic inspired synth sounds, this is your choice. You can download TyrellN6 at under this link:

    Here are some sound demos of U-he TyrellN6 

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