Martinic AX Chorus plugin is a free download only today (07/07/24)

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Martinic is giving away the AX Chorus plugin today only as a free download to celebrate yesterday’s game of the Dutch football team. 

At the moment, football is captivating many people again. It’s the European Football Championship in Germany, and we’re in the semi-finals. Yesterday, the Netherlands became the last country to enter the semi-finals.

To celebrate this victory, the Dutch developer Martinic is offering the AX Chorus plugin as a free download—but only today.

Martinic AX Chorus

Martinic AX Chorus

AX Chorus (reg. 34€) is a chorus plugin that is based on the ACE-modeled MN3009 Bucket Brigade (BBD) chip found in both the AX73 and AX60 synthesizers. Martinic has an authentic emulation of the Akai AX73 Synthesizer in its portfolio, with the same chorus built in.

The plugin version of the chorus comes with both emulated versions, the AX60 and AX73, giving you more sonic options. Also neat is that the plugin offers the original mono and a modern stereo option.

Then, it comes with a minimal set of features, making the user interface super simple to use. It includes a mode switch, a rate knob, and a dry/wet mix knob. Plus, you can switch on/off the effect.

In addition, you can find a 3-band EQ for more tone-shaping flexibility in the Martinic AX Chorus. There is also a tempo sync option with your DAW. According to Martinic, the effect adds instant analog character to your production.

Martinic AX Chorus is available now for 34€. You can get it for FREE only today (07/07/24), using the code ORANGE2  at check out. 

More information here: Martinic

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