Get AudioThing Frostbite 2 or Eventide EQuivocate EQ plugins for free with every purchase at PB

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This month, you can get AudioThing Frostbite 2 or Eventide EQuivocate EQ plugins for free with every purchase at Plugin Boutique.

Nowadays, you buy plugins online as a direct download. You would buy them on CDs in the past, but you can do it in a few minutes today. Some shops sweeten the purchase with free goodies or, as they say, a gift with purchase.

Plugin Boutique, one of the biggest plugin stores, also offers GWP every month. Depending on the month, better and worse. This month, there are two great plugins that you can get for free with your purchase.

AudioThing Frostbite 2 Eventide

With every purchase, you can participate in the promotion and choose one of the plugins. If you want both plugins, you have to make to purchases.

There is no minimum amount you have to spend, so it can also be a plugin for €2 or €5. Free plugins and rent-to-own offers are excluded. This month, you can get free AudioThing Frostbite 2 or Eventide EQuivocate with your purchase.

AudioThing Frostbite 2 Eventide EQuivocate

AudioThing Frostbite 2 (reg. 59€) is a spectral freezing plugin with three freezer modes (spectral, reverb, convolution), a ring modulator, and a feedback section. Using the freezing mode, you can transform any audio into ambient textures or soundscapes. 

A highlight is the ability to rearrange the modules in the signal flow to achieve different effects results. It also hosts a modulation engine featuring a single LFO for modulating multiple parameters simultaneously. It’s a lovely experimental effects processor that AudioThing has created here that I have been using for several years.

The second plugin in the GWP pot, besides the AudioThing Frostbite 2, is the Eventide EQuivocate (reg. 99€), a unique, musical EQ that uses 26 linear auditory filters. They are shaped to approximate the critical band filters in your ear. 

A feature highlight is the match EQ, which matches the tone of one track to another. Blend two tracks to sound like they came from the same source, complement each other for better separation, or make a final master have a similar tone to a reference track!

You can also add or remove filters from the EQuivocate process to customize your sound.

The AudioThing Frostbite 2 and Eventide EQuivocate EQ gift with purchase offer at Plugin Boutique is valid until July 31, 2024.

More information here: Plugin Boutique

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