Behringer considers a direct-to-customer shipping option with delivery from the factory

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Behringer is considering a direct-to-customer shipping option for their products to reduce waiting and delivery times.

Every year, Behringer releases many new Synthesizer products. These are sold directly through retailers such as Thomann, Amazon, Andertons, Sweetwater… So far, one problem with every product is the long delivery times after the official release.

This is because releases are announced when the goods are finished being produced in China. However, it then takes weeks or even months for the new synths to reach the retailer in Europe or the US, depending on which delivery option the retailer has chosen: by ship across the ocean or by flight. 

Behringer direct to customer shipping

Behringer Direct-To-Customer

Behringer is now considering adding a new delivery option that ships directly from the factory to the customer. Instead of pre-ordering from dealer X, you order directly from them, which will be shipped directly from China. Behringer writes on Facebook:

We’re exploring a direct-to-customer shipping model, where products would be sent straight from our factory to you. This would help ensure faster delivery and access to all our products, especially those not carried by our retailers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Would you appreciate this direct shipping option? Let us know!

This consideration makes sense since many Chinese brands offer these options. For example, Donner also has an online shop with shipping from the original country. Plus, B produces in its own factory; thus, there would be no instance in between. 

A direct-to-customer option also has challenges. Shipping is probably the easiest thing for Behringer. Challenges are the advantages that a retailer like Thomann or Sweetwater offer when you buy from them, including:

  • returns and cash-back after a certain period if you don’t like it (for example, Thomann with its 30 days cash-back)
  • customer service for repairs (where are the broken synths repaired? in a service center in the respective country?)
  • taxes (import, VAT, etc.) (if you order from abroad, taxes are often involved in the purchase) 

I would like to have the Behringer direct-to-customer option to order directly from China, but only if it offers the same advantages as the dealer. Otherwise, I think many people will continue to buy from their dealers. 

More information will follow here: Behringer

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