Caelum Audio King Key, free rompler plugin gives you hyper-realistic “keyboard” sounds

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Caelum Audio King Key is a new free rompler plugin for International Joke Day 2024 that gives you hyper-realistic “keyboard” sounds for your DAW.

The British developers at Caelum Audio are known for having fun with music producers. This is especially the case with their funny free plugins for International Joke Day.

In 2022, they published the unique Dustbin reverb/amp plugin, and last year (2023), they gave the community a free Synthesizer plugin that is the best friend of all your SUBscriptions. This year, you can explore King Key, a rompler plugin that offers probably the most unique keyboard sounds.

Caelum Audio King Key

Caelum Audio King Key

 Caelum Audio introduces its new free plugin with the following sentence:

“first came the piano keyboard, then along came the computer keyboard, then, you could play your keyboard with your keyboard, now you can play the hyper-realistic sounds of a keyboard while playing on your keyboard”.

No joke, or is it? One thing is sure: King Key is a free rompler plugin that features sample-based sounds from computer and music keyboards. This is purely about the sound of these devices when you press or play them. Yes, the clicks, clacks, svvvt, B-ding… from yesterday and today. 

According to Caelum Audio, they captured these sounds, using proprietary high-detailed sampling techniques, which are sadly too complex for you to understand without demonstrative play-dough. Haha! 

King Key includes sound kits from a vintage Imperial typewriter, a Modal Cobalt8X, and a generic USB keyboard. It ships with a total of nine instruments and 11 presets that are ready to be explored.

These sounds can be further manipulated with various effects such as filter, bit-crusher, distortion, and reverb. Plus, you can shape it with an ADSR envelope and add modulation via a built-in LFO. 

The plugin also offers a preset browser with a preset randomizer with which you can generate the wildest keyboard sounds you have ever heard. 

First Impression

Once again, Caelum Audio shows a very funny plugin for International Joke Day 2024. I would be happy if more developers benefit from this day and offer their craziest ideas as a plugin. 

Caelum Audio King Key is now available for free download. It runs as a 64-bit only VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. A free iOS version with AUv3 support will also be available. 

More information here: Caelum Audio

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