UVI Tape Suite, four effects plugins take you on a colorful tape sound discovery

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UVI Tape Suite gives you four effects plugins (delay, flanger, chorus, and color) that will take you on a colorful tape sound discovery.

Lo-Fi sound design is very trendy. Whether hardware or software, developers are introducing new tools that emulate this distinct sonic colorization at a high level. In the plugin world, in particular, countless virtual tape machines have come onto the market in the past years.

UVI is also a little late getting into the tape market, with four new colorful plugins as a bundle.

UVI Tape Suite

UVI Tape Suite

Tape Suite is a new collection of four independent tape-based effects plugins for macOS and Windows. They share the same effect at their core—a fully parametric, advanced physical model analog tape machine.

Four sections—tape simulation, compander, playback filtering, and modulation—allow detailed adjustment of the engine’s tape characteristics and sound. You can switch each element on and off individually, which makes it very flexible.

Tape simulation offers a novel model of magnetization, faithfully reproducing a large range of magnetic materials. You can tweak the material with the hardness and resistance parameters, and the degradation with depth, rate, and noise.

Then, the compander includes three different models of the noise reduction encode and decode stage historically found in tape machines.

UVI Tape Suite plugins

Playback Filtering models the characteristics of the tape playback head with full control over the speed, head distance (spacing), thickness, azimuth, and width. The fourth and last section is modulation, which models the tape transport, providing profoundly natural detuning, wow, and flutter.

4 Effects Make The Difference

The effects are what set the four UVI Tape Suite plugins apart. Each has a different effect injection: chorus, color, delay, and flanger, offering an authentic recreation of analog tape-based effects.

Chorus features up to 8 selectable voices with adjustable stereo spread, rate, depth, delay, and more. Color combines a texture process and a convolver loaded with impulse responses from vintage devices, allowing for a wide range of characters.

UVI Tape Suite

Further, the Delay gives you a 4-head design with a per-head pan, sync, and selectable feedback head, while Flanger has a through-zero design with manual and various LFO modes.

Additionally, Tape Suite comes with other in-depth features, including compensated drive, feedback compensation, low-latency mode, tempo sync, grid-snapping, delay multiplication, and effect visualizations. 

UVI promises in Tape Suite pristine studio reel-to-reel machines to worn-out cassette recorder-style effects and all the sweet spots in between.

First Impression

Four intriguing tape effect plugins with a colorful touch. This collection comes a little late, considering how many tape plugins have come onto the market in recent years. I also wonder why the four effects weren’t integrated into a single plugin. 

UVI Tape Suite is available now for an introductory price of $59/59€ instead of $99/99€ until July 14th, 2024. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

More information here: UVI 

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