Lorre Mill Float Glass, desktop 8-stage phaser processor with Banana patch matrix

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Lorre Mill Float Glass is a new desktop 8-stage voltage-controlled phaser processor with a built-in patch matrix, enabling complex modulations.

Effects are a wonderful and fun thing to combine with any signal. When you think of hardware, you immediately think of pedals, as these are the most common form of an effect processor.

Lorre Mill, the developer of the fascinating Double Knot v3 experimental analog Synthesizer, shows a different type of effects processor. It’s desktop, and patchable. 

Lorre Mill Float Glass

Lorre Mill Float Glass

Float Glass is a new, unique desktop 8-stage voltage-controlled patchable phaser processor. As a reminder: phasers use all-pass filters to change the phase relationship among various frequencies of the copied and original signals. A low-frequency oscillator (LFO) takes over the modulation job.

Instead of making a classic more of the same effect, Lorre Mill exposed the core elements of the phaser and made them patchable with banana plucks on the front panel. Plus, he added a complex modulation source. 

This step allows you to intervene much deeper into the effect and go beyond the limits of classic phaser implementations. So, you can use it in various ways: as a classic phaser, a more bizarre form of a phaser, or as a generative noise instrument.

Lorre Mill Float Glass

Float Glass has eight hands-on parameters: input, rate, slew, sand, phase, phase CV, resonance, and a dry/wet mix control. These all have either a CV input or an output, allowing for wilder sonic experimentations.

The modulation source is based on a stepped sine waveform, which can be smoothed out with the built-in slew control. Besides the classic sine mod generator, Float Glass has noise and clipped noise sources (sand), giving more fun ways to modulate the signals.


On the I/O side, it has a 1/4″ TS instrument input (gain of 2x or 12x), a 1/8″ TRS line input summed to mono, a 1/4″ TS line or instrument output, a 1/8″ TRS line output dual mono, and a power supply input (12v DC)

First Impression

An exciting, experimental effects processor that fits nicely with the Double Knot v3. I think also with any other Synthesizer that you would like to take on a wilder phaser rollercoaster.

Lorre Mill Float Glass is available now for $365. 

More information here: Lorre Mill

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