Double Knot v3, Lorre Mill’s analog esoteric patchable Synthesizer got a revision

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Lorre Mill’s lovely patchable analog experimental Synthesizer Double Knot got a hardware revision v3 with new features.

Just before the turn of the year, I published my Best Hardware experimental Synthesizer 2022 list. Regarding crazy, esoteric hardware synthesizers, last year was pretty quiet. But I summarized some exciting, unique releases in the article.

However, a reader drew my attention to the fact that I missed the hardware revision of a well-known experimental synth. Ok, let’s catch up now.

Double Knot v3

Double Knot v3

Synthesizers with banana patch cables are often associated with experimental music. Often because of their banana patch cables or the unusual workflows. One of the popular ones here are the lovely handbuilt synths from Ciat-Lobarde. Another wild esoteric banana synth is the Double Knot from developer Lorre Mill.

Double Knot got a third (v3) hardware revision in May 2022. It is a generative semi-modular analog Synthesizer consisting of two voices and sequencers. Each voice has a triangle/square wave oscillator, a shift register sequencer with a built-in clock, an envelope, and a voltage-controlled amplifier.

Double Knot v3

Like classic semi-modular synths, the signal chain is fixed at the start. But you can distort it, add modulation and route it differently using the patch points. This is where semi-modular synths excite when you discover how the components react when you take them out of the fixed structure.

Double Knot v3 comes with handy new additions. The envelopes now come with velocity control and zero crossing sync option to match the oscillator’s cycle. Lore Mill also added a clock play/pause button, two new VCA/VC Slew circuits, and a volume pot.

In terms of sound, the synth is aimed at experimental music, from wild, crazy sounds and rich drones to rhythmic elements. You can also craft distinct drum patterns thanks to the built-in shift register sequencers.

The user interface consists of knobs, switches, and banana plugs for patching. It is noticeable that the synth has no labeling for the features. Here you get to know the features and the possibilities by simply experimenting with the interface and sound.

Further, the case has also been improved. It now has a powder-coated aluminum encasement with silk-screened graphics.

Nice update for a wild, esoteric analog Synthesizer that covers new more unusual sound areas.

Double Knot v3 is available now for $699 USD.

More information here: Lorre Mill

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