Klangfarbe Synthopia, Synthesizer event with new gear, workshops and live music in Vienna

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Klangfarbe Synthopia is a cozy Synthesizer event in the heart of Vienna from 25 to 28 June 2024 with lots of gear, workshops, and live music

Superbooth 24 is already a month behind us, with many new synth announcements and releases. For those who couldn’t make it to Berlin this year, there are other smaller synth events where you can discover many of the major SB news in person.

One will take place next week. Klangfarbe organizes Synthopia, a small, cozy show and meetup for friends of synthesizers and electronic music in Vienna, Austria, from June 25 to 28, 2024. 

Klangfarbe Synthopia

Klangfarbe Synthopia

With Synthopia, Austria’s largest music retailer, dedicates almost the entire next week (Tuesday – Friday) to the topic of synthesizers. It will be a four-day event in the halls of Klangfarbe where you can discover and try out many new, exciting, oscillating things.

The event will offer three bubbling areas. As you would expect at a synth show, booths from various synthesizer companies, represented by their respective distributors, will be present. Here, you can quietly try out the latest instruments and ask the specialists any questions about the products.

You can find booths from Ashun Sound Machines, Korg, Sonicware, Novation, Nord, Pittsburgh Modular, Sequential, Oberheim, Yamaha, Waldorf, Modor,… And maybe will also see smaller Austrian companies at the event that surprise us with something new. 

The Klangfarbe Synthopia will not only be packed with new synths. Some pedal manufacturers, including Jackson Audio, Old Noise Blood Endeavors, will also be present.

Klangfarbe Synthopia

Presentations & Concerts

Entertainment? Of course! Klangfarbe has put together a full varied program for the Synthopia event. 

First, the respective companies will highlight their products in presentations on stage. For example, Chris Calcutt (CALC) will come to Vienna to showcase the new Oberheim TEO-5 Synthesizer (27.6 – 17h-18h) announced last month at Superbooth 24.

Then, Klangfarbe Synthopia also has workshops from music producers and live musicians. This series gives you insight into how to incorporate the new synth gear into your productions. So that you don’t just satisfy the inner GAS but your purchase also leads to actual good musical output.

Among others, GAMMON from the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble takes you into his modular synth routine, or YouTuber AudioPilz, aka Bad Gear, shows you his best tricks with the new Elektron Digitakt 2.

Klangfarbe Synthopia timetable

Each day will end with live music and DJ sets from the Austrian and European electronic music scene, including Fausto Castillo, Gammon, Projectvime, Morast, Glenn Keteleer of SOMA, and more.

According to Klangfarbe, there will be exclusive deals in the shop throughout the Synthopia week. 

That sounds like a great Synthesizer event in the heart of Vienna. You can check out new gear, listen to interesting workshops, and connect with the Austrian and Viennese Synthesizer scene. And all this with a drink, good food, and free entry.

The Time

Klangfarbe Synthopia will take place from June 25 to June 28 at the Gasometer D, GUGLGASSE 14 , 1110 Vienna (Austria). 

More information here: Klangfarbe 

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