AJ QSynthi, new free Synthesizer plugin based on the Schrödinger Equation & sound demo

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AJ QSynthi is a new free Synthesizer plugin for macOS/Windows that explores the sonic potential of the Schrödinger Equation.

There are tons of free Synthesizer plugins on the market. Virtual analog, FM, wavetable, or even with experimental concepts, there is something free for every taste. 

Arthur Freye and Jannis Müller have created QSynthi, the first synthesizer plugin to deal with quantum mechanics—something completely new. 

AJ Qsynthi

AJ QSynthi

QSynthi is a 100% free  Synthesizer plugin that allows you to experience the sonic potential of the Schrödinger Equation. There is a paper where you can read more about quantum mechanics and how exactly AJ implemented this into the synth.

The developers say QSynthi translates a quantum simulation into dynamic and evolving sounds. The synthesizer’s UI looks very classic. It has various parameters for sound modification and a lovely real-time waveform visualization.

Schrödinger Equation Engine

QSynthi consists of six setting sections: wave, simulation, potential, envelope, filter, and general. The wave section offers classic (sine, square, sawtooth), but also unusual waveforms (Cosine, Gaussian, Parabola, and Barrier). These can be modified with two parameters. 

Then, the simulation settings change the waveform further. I don’t know exactly what is happening here, but it looks like the Schrödinger Equation is being applied here to the waveforms. You can also change the type of simulation settings, giving you different results. The imaginary value is here the most bizarre one.

The potential settings part is yet another way to manipulate the waveforms. I’m not sure what exactly is being used here, but it reminds me of some kind of modulation. It has two selectable “modulator” waveforms, which can have the effect of a waveshaper or similar to LFO and random generators.

Don’t worry; there are also more classic parts in this synth. The right side is more traditional. Here you can find a dedicated lowpass and highpass filter with modulation, a routable ADSR envelope, and built-in effects like a reverb. Plus, settings like voice count, glide time, and global volume are also onboard.

Unfortunately, the current version lacks a preset manager, which is not ideal. A manual is not yet available either.

First Impression

A completely new Synthesizer that even experienced synth programmers have to get to grips with. I designed some sounds for my linked sound demo. The sound color of the QSynthi is interesting. In some places I was even able to create some PPG Wave-style sounds. 

It’s a shame that there is no preset manager yet; otherwise, I would have shared the sounds as a download. It is a synth that is not revolutionary but is fun to explore. Plus, it’s a free download.

AJ QSynthi is now available for free download. It runs as an AU plugin on macOS and a VST3 plugin on Windows. 

More information here: AJ 

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