Make Noise Bruxa, a crunchy delay module in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini

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Make Noise Bruxa module brings the experimental crunchy delay of the Strega desktop Synthesizer to your Eurorack system.

In 2021, Make Noise released the Strega in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. It’s an experimental Synthesizer with a single oscillator paired with various fascinating sound-shaping options. 

Much of the Strega’s sonic character comes from the internal karaoke-style multi-tap delay, which takes your drones into crunchy, lo-fi fields. With the all-new Bruxa module, this delay now comes to the Eurorack

Make Noise Bruxa

Make Noise Bruxa

There is a new Make Noise FX module, and it is not an Erbe-Verb II. Bruxa is a new experimental hybrid delay module made in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini.

The delay is not a completely new development. It has already been built into the Stega drone synthesizer. This is, however, an extended version for the Eurorack format with several differences in layout, signals, and sound. 

It has an all-analog dry signal path that is blended with the digital/analog hybrid signal processor. At its core, Bruxa offers a multi-tap delay line with over a dozen unique feedback paths and multiple built-in filters. 

Excellent on the Bruxa is that it works in an analogous way. A full hands-on front panel awaits you with no menu-diving involved. It has time control with a massive, smoothly variable range, which promises Make Noise.

Then, a big filter control in the middle of the module and an absorb knob shape the echo tone and the reflections. There is also a decay function. 

On the I/O side, the module is a mono-in and mono-out module. Unfortunately, no stereo. In addition, there are many CV inputs capable of audio rate modulation. The time control also has a linear FM input with a dedicated attenuator for fluttering time effects.

Unlike the Strega FX version, Bruxa offers new unique CV outputs for self-patching or mutable patching with other modules.


First Impression

The Strega delay unit is a distinctive effect that creates beautiful, crunchy, atmospheric sounds. It’s great to see that this FX will be available soon in Eurorack and that it has been expanded. It’s a shame that it’s still only a mono FX. Thus, if you want stereo processing, you need two.

Make Noise Bruxa is available now for pre-order for $399. The order will be shipped to dealers in October 2024.

More information here: Make Noise 

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  1. one of those CV outputs exists on Strega as well. Apart from possible differences insidr, the main difference seems to be the attenuverter on Absorb and lack of one on Decay, which is sadly the otherrl way around on Strega

  2. Is this written by ai? “Excellent on the Bruxa is that it works analogously so it is fully hands-on without menu-diving. It has time control with a massive, smoothly variable range, which promises Make Noise.

    • No by a real person for whom English is not his mother tongue but his fourth language. Cheers

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