Jason Graves gives a full studio tour with all his hardware and software setup

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The sample library developers of Soundiron visited Jason Graves and captured a full studio tour with all its hardware and software setup.

Studios are magical places for musicians. If you enter the rooms, you will be overwhelmed by walls of instruments, effects, and other music gear. Often these collections are larger than what you get at your local music store. It is also the place where notes and sounds become music. Often from the first minute to the completion of the mastering.

Soundiron, a sample library company, visited Jason Graves’ studio, a composer who has made the music for a variety of computer games and films. Jason Graves has given Soundiron an extensive studio tour which can be viewed in the linked video. A very nice video of how and with which tools the composer works.

Among other things, he uses a Sequential Prophet 10, Deckard’s Drea MKII, Novation Peak, Nord Lead 1 virtual analog synth, Moog synthesizers, various pedals (Eventide, Zen Delay…), a small modular system, and more.

Step inside the studio of Jason Graves who is the creative mind behind video game scores such as Far Cry, Tomb Raider, Moss, and Dead Space. In this video Jason takes you on a tour of his newly built home studio to show his vast collection of gear and how he sets it up to be a one-man recording facility.

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