AI Synthesis Releases Tape Echo & 3340 Based VCO Eurorack Modules

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AI Synthesis Tape Interface is a new tape echo & AI011 a new 3340 IC-based analog oscillator with FM/hard & soft sync for the Eurorack format.

Not one but two modules AI Synthesis has presented today. The most interesting is the Tape Interface which is a tape echo for the Eurorack format. It’s a limited-edition module that uses a pre-amp and buffered feedback loops to allow a standard three-head tape recorder as an analog tape echo. It also provides op-amp saturation on the input when pushed.

The tape recorder must have three heads (erase, record, and play) for it to work as a tape echo. This type of tape recorder will have a button or switch that allows the monitoring of the source audio, or what has just been recorded to the tape. The space between the record and play head creates the delay, and the Tape Interface feeds back into the unit to create repeats.

AI016 Interface

The interface of the AI016 features potentiometers for controlling the mix, repeats, input, and output level. Further, it offers audio inputs for input, output, send and return. The delay time is controlled by the tape deck. Not all tape decks allow speed control while recording, and modifications may be needed.

AI011 Analog VCO

The AI011 is a new analog VCO that uses the legendary Curtis 3340 IC. It provides buffered triangle, square, and ramp waveforms, as well as a triangle to sine wave shaper to provide a sine wave output. Further, it includes both coarse and fine-tune knobs for easy tuning.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is normalized to the PWM input jack, so PWM is controlled with the PWM knob, when a jack is inserted, the knob serves as an attenuator. V/oct and FM input jacks are present, with an attenuator for FM modulation. Nice, it is also capable of both hard and soft sync. An expander jack is present at the rear of the module for use with future AI modules.

AI Synthesis Tape Interface (tape echo) is available now as a full DIY kit for $65 USD or as an assembled version for $99 USD. AI011 Analog VCO is ready to ship for $109 in a DIY version and $150 in an assembled version.

More information here: AI Synthesis 

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