Superbooth 24: AJH Synth The Radiophonic Synthesizer commissioned by Hans Zimmer

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Superbooth 24: AJH Synth will showcase The Radiophonic Synthesizer, a system commissioned by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer.

Now, something special. Hans Zimmer will also be at Superbooth 24—not personally, but represented by an instrument and a developer. The well-known German Hollywood composer recently bought the Maida Vale Studio in London.

One of his plans with the studio is to revive the legendary Radiophonic workshop where it always used to be. To give this life, Hans Zimmer commissioned the British developer AJH Synth to create “The Radiophonic Synthesizer that will take pride of place in the rooms of the Maida Vale Studio. At Superbooth 24, AJH will showcase this epic Synthesizer. 

AJH Synth The Radiophonic

AJH Synth The Radiophonic

The AJH Radiophonic Synthesizer looks fabulous. The specs are 74 cm x 42 cm x 47 cm, 544HP rack space, 18kg, and 48 AJH modules in total. The case is very reminiscent of the legendary VCS3 Synthesizer, and there is a reason for this.

According to Allan of AJH, the VCS 3 holds a very special place in Hans Zimmer’s heart, as it was the first Synthesizer he owned. To pay tribute to the VCS3 “Putney” case design, the radiophonic synthesizer is made of beautiful American Walnut and Cherry wood.

However, the module selection and the sonic possibilities of those go far beyond that of the larger EMS Synthi 100 “Delaware” system which was used in the Radiophonic Workshop.

The Modules 

AJH Synth The Radiophonic Synthesizer has four rows with 48 modules.  It uses a very low noise power supply and noise-filtering distribution boards.

It features seven MiniMod VCOs, two MiniMod transistor ladder filters, four Gain Switch Multi, three DH-ADSR envelopes, an FFB914 Fixed Filter Bank, a Gemini 2412 Dual VCF, a Wave Warm, two Chance Delays, and more. The full list of modules is on the official website. 


Hans Zimmer has allowed AJH Synth to produce a limited number of the Radiophonic Synthesizer system, each individually numbered. You can check out number 1 at Superbooth 24 in Berlin this week. 

AJH Synth The Radiophonic Synthesizer is available now on demand. Price TBA. 

More information here: AJH Synth 

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