Superbooth 24: Chair Audio Analog Waveguide, analog stereo resonator module

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Superbooth 24: Chair Audio showcased the final version of the Analog Waveguide, an analog stereo resonator module based on 1971 theory.

Two years ago, at Superbooth 22, I reported on the Analog Waveguide module for the first time. This is a fascinating BBD-based stereo resonator module from the Center For Haptic Audio Interaction Research, also known, aka Chair.Audio.

Last week at Superbooth 24, the developers showed the final version of the module.

Chair Audio Analog Waveguide


Analog Waveguide is a CV-controllable stereo resonator with a unique concept. It’s based on Michael Gerzon’s writings in 1971 and 1972 Studio Sound, a concept called “synthetic stereo reverberation” in the analog domain. Plus, on a digital implementation by Miller Puckette in 2011.

According to Chair Audio, the module is an interpretation and extension of the original concepts with an all-analog signal path.

The signal goes into the module via two mono sockets. Then, it feeds the signals into a rotation matrix with two customizable BBD-based delay lines (X/Y) that can be set to any angle. 

For each delay line, there is a 1v/oct input, an inverter, a VCF, and a decay envelope. In the middle, you have a rotation function, allowing you to rotate the delay/resonator signals. There is also a display that shows the two signals in a Cartesian coordinate system. 

The Analog Waveguide module is capable of creating a wide range of vivid physical modeling sounds.

A fascinating, novel module that I’m really looking forward to seeing more demos.

Chair Audio Analog Waveguide will be available soon. Availability and price TBA.


Article From May 20, 2022

Developers from all over the world come to the Superbooth. Big players but also small, young companies that are celebrating their premiere here.

For example, the German company and research group Chair Audio (The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research) exhibited here for the first time. This is in the form of a converted bicycle.

Chair Audio Analog Waveguide

Analog Waveguide

Chair Audio’s new Eurorack module Analog Waveguide is a stereo BBD analog delay that is designed for Karplus Strong synthesis applications. It consists of two BBD delays that are split up into an X and Y coordinate. Then, it has a unique mathematical function that allows you to rotate (0° – 180° – 270°) the signal through these delays.

This is where the special feature of the module comes into play. Besides classic Karplus Strong string sounds, it is capable to create inharmonic sounds.

Further, you get pitch control, linear/exponential modulation incl FM on each delay, an analog lowpass filter, and decay amount. The latter controls the amount of feedback. What you heard at the Chair Audio booth at Superbooth 22 sounds very exciting.

Chair Audio Tickle tactile controller

Tickle Tactile Controller

Tickle is a hybrid USB-MIDI controller with a built-in piezo microphone. It allows you to play sounds by touching, hitting, or bowing. Mainly to excite virtual resonators. All these characteristics give you the feeling of an acoustic instrument. It delivers USB-MIDI as well as USB audio via a class-compliant device.

According to the developer, the controller is currently available in a small batch that is aimed at developers, researchers, and enthusiasts. So it’s not produced in high volume and thus the price is higher.

First Look

Chair Audio Tickle tactile controller is available now for 450€. The Analog Waveguide Eurorack is coming later this year.

More information here: Chair Audio 

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