Arturia Announced DrumBrute Impact – Polyrhythmic Analog Drum Machine / Synthesizer

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The DrumBrute Impact is the latest member of the Arturia Brute family and is a compact and affordable polyrhythmic analog drum machine & Synthesizer.

With the new DrumBrute Impact for $299 USD, Arturia shows that drum machines also becomes more affordable. The DrumBrute Impact is a new analog drum machine/Synthesizer that features 10 pure analog instruments, a polyrhythmic step sequencer with creative features and more. New in the DrumBrute Impact is a FM drum voice as well as an interesting colour features that includes new drum variations.

I had the chance to check out the Arturia DrumBrute Impact since the beginning of the week. Check below my first look video where you get an overview and sound demo of this new analog drum machine!


Putting the focus on “Brute”, DrumBrute Impact features 10 high-energy, refined, punchy analog sounds. You can also use the exclusive “Color” sound-shapers to introduce unique, per instrument effect for some variation. Boost the harmonic content, add some drive, snap, or crack at the touch of a button, you can even automate tonal changes by creating a “Color” sequence. If you want your drums to push even harder, use the built-in distortion on the output for some drum-optimized crunch.

DrumBrute Impact is a drum machine for musicians and producers who crave raw power and monstrous tone.

10 Analog Instruments

DrumBrute Impact features 10 sounds, which are accessible through 8 performance pads:

  • KICK: pounding bass drum with nice attack transients and variable pitch and decay.
  • SNARE 1: a big-bodied snare with great, editable snap and decay.
  • SNARE 2: a trashy snare with a hint of clap, with adjustable tone and decay.
  • TOM HIGH: simple but powerful high tom with sweepable pitch.
  • TOM LOW: pants-shaking low tom that can get so low you could use it as a 2nd kick.
  • CYMBAL: zingy, metallic crash with adjustable decay.
  • COWBELL: a simple but effective percussive cowbell.
  • CLOSED HAT: hard-hitting hat with variable tone that also effects the Open Hat.
  • OPEN HAT: open up the hat sound with changeable decay with a mute controlled by the Closed Hat. FM
  • DRUM: a percussive synth voice with adjustable carrier pitch, decay, FM amount, and mod pitch.


  • True analog drum machine with 10 drum sounds
  • Drum sounds include kick, two snares, high tom/low tom, cymbal/cowbell, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, and FM percussion
  • Stores up to 64 patterns, up to 64 steps each
  • Song Mode allows you to chain patterns for expanded compositions
  • Apply swing and randomness globally, or on a per-drum basis
  • Separate accent for each drum
  • Manipulate your patterns in real time with Step Repeat and Pattern Looper
  • Roller effect creates drum rolls
  • Each track can have a different length, allowing you to create polyrhythms
  • 4 individual audio outputs make it easy to record your patterns as multitrack audio
  • Sync options include USB, MIDI, Clock (with four different clock formats), and Internal
  • 1/8″ headphone output

First Look Video

Arturia DrumBrute Impact is available for pre-order now for US $349 / 299 €, and is expected to be available in August, 2018.

More information here: Arturia 

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