Leak: Akai MPC Stems is coming soon, and a new MPC hardware for NAMM 2024?

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Leak: Akai Pro recently announced the MPC Stems functionality, and at the same time, hints about new MPC hardware popped up on the website.

Last week, Akai Pro announced the MPC Stems functionality as a $9,99 update. First for the MPC software, and later for the hardware. A new feature that will modernize the sample workflow for many. It separates your samples into four individual stems: vocals, bass, drums, and music.

Akai Pro has launched a new banner on the official website to publicize this announcement. In addition to large fonts, you can also see MPC hardware on it. However, with an unknown unit. It’s not the MPC One+. It’s very likely a leak for new MPC hardware. 

Leak Akai Pro MPC Stems

Leak Akai MPC Stems Hardware

To me, it’s a leak. Two points speak for this. First, NAMM 2024 is just around the corner. To be more precise, it will take place again in Anaheim (LA) between January 25th and January 28th, 2024.

A good moment to introduce new hardware, although I advise many developers against it. Such releases often get lost in the amount of news.  

Second point that speaks in favor of a leak and new MPC hardware is the design. There is no MPC hardware with this display/knob layout in the current portfolio. Some will say this is the MPC One +, but it’s not true. Yes, it’s also red, but the layout is different.

No current MPC has the bottom buttons (menu…) so close to the display. The knobs also look like they are closer to the display. It could also be the picture that is misleading with the knob positions.

What is certain, however, is that this is new MPC hardware. No info on features, design, etc. For several months, there has been information that Akai Pro is working on a compact, budget MPC. This came from an older leak. Well, we’ll see if this is the case.

We’ll have to wait one or two weeks to find out whether Akai Pro has anything new or not. NAMM 2024 is coming soon. 

More information here: Akai Pro

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  1. You’re an idiot. Have you even looked at the NAMM vendor list? Akai or InMusic will not be in attendance. Why don’t you do some simple research before you write the same exact dumb shit I see in my music groups on Facebook every day? SMH

    • Thank you for the compliment. Good idiots think further and cover up what they have written. Maybe you had a bad day, don’t know.

      You must see “NAMM” as a time period and not just the “show”. Akai and other companies have already presented products in hotels around NAMM show like teenage engineering the PO Modulars, etc. and not on the NAMM floor. Namm Namm Namm, from your favorite idiot.

  2. I can neither confirm on deny what Synth Anatomy has written, but Hampton Inn & Suites Garden Grove have very nice rooms 😉

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