Eventide H9000 adds Cycling ’74 RNBO patch import, a door opener for new effects – now in public beta

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The mighty Eventide H9000 now supports RNBO (Cycling ’74) patch import, opening the door for new wild effects created by third-party developers. 

Eventide has released the first public beta firmware supporting the RNBO environment. You can check it out here.   


Article From November 1, 2023

Eventide belongs to the Champions League of effects manufacturers. The Blackhole and many other algorithms are classics in music production. If you want to have them all in the studio as hardware to test, it’s hard to ignore the H series. The H9 is the classic, the H90 the successor with two effects and the H9000 the flagship unit. 

All three share the same DSP-based concept. The H9000 is the most powerful, and Eventide is now opening it up to other developers. 

Eventide H9000 RNBO

Eventide H9000 RNBO (Cycling ’74)

They will not completely open the H9000 platform to third parties. But they now added Ableton Cycling ’74 RNBO support, which allows third-party algorithms to be imported on the hardware.

As a reminder: Cycling’74 RNBO (rainbow) is a unique patching environment that lets you use a visual editor to create audio patches that can then be exported. With this, you can feed compatible hardware devices, create audio plugins, and more. 

The core of RNBO is Max, a platform particularly popular in the experimental music fields. It also allows you to work with Max For Live creations in RNBO.

This means you can now load wild Max or M4L effects with granular synthesis, and spectral processing… onto the Eventide H9000. That sounds like a lot of fun, especially for developers.

“Bringing RNBO to Eventide’s H9000 offers our users the ability to deploy their personal creations to an incredible DSP engine, alongside a wealth of existing effects,” says Cycling 74 CEO David Zicarelli.

“We’re excited to introduce this option for RNBO users seeking the ultimate hardware platform for code export.”

First Impression

Okay, the Eventide H9000 is super expensive and only for big studios. I find the decision to open the DSP platform to other developers very exciting. Even if it is only limited to Max, this makes the H9000 much more colorful and experimental. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with this. 

Eventide H9000 RNBO is available now. The hardware is out now, starting at 6799€ for the R version, and the regular is 8499€. RNBO licenses are available on the Cycling ’74 RNBO website. 

More information here: Eventide / Cycling ’74 

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  1. $10,000 Cdn for a six year old hardware device that hasn’t kept pace with software plug-ins a fraction of the price?
    Celebrate if you already own this boat anchor.
    Otherwise, use the money for a downpayment on a house 😉

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