Spectral Plugins goes out of business and sets its plugins free

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Spectral Plugins comapny goes out of business and sets its three macOS/Windows plugins Spacer, Pancz and OCS-45 free.

The market for plugins is huge. New developers join it every year, and at the same time some leave it. No wonder, you have to do a lot to survive. Be innovative, have fair prices and reach many people who also buy the plugins.

A company has now pulled the emergency brake. This is Spectral Plugins, the developers of the Spacer multi-FX plugin. They are now going out of business and giving away all its portfolio

Spectral Plugins

Spectral Plugins Out Of Business

The developers published this statement

After careful consideration and deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to cease our company operations. This decision was not made lightly, but we believe it is the best course of action for the future of our organization.

However, we are pleased to announce that we will be making our software available for free downloading to our loyal clients and users. We understand the impact that our tools and products have had on your operations, and we want to ensure that you continue to have access to them even after our closure.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of our clients for your support, feedback, and loyalty over the years. It has been an honor serving you, and we are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved together.

Spectral Plugins


The first plugin is Spacer, a modular multi-FX with five effects modules that can be linked in any order. This allows you to create a near-endless range of combined effects.

It offers three distinct reverbs and two different delays, each with independent two-band EQs

  • algorithmic reverb with classic controls
  • convolution reverb with 110 impulse responses sorted into three categories: hall for large spaces, Room for smaller spaces, and Synthetic for unique and creative spaces.
  • grain reverb combines the built-in granular engine with an expansive reverb. A reverb for instant rich textural ambiances.
  • delay with control over the stereo field, sync options, and more
  • grain delay with fine control over the size and behavior of the grains, while pitch-shifting functionality is also provided (powered by Zynaptiq ZTX LE).

Then, it has a utility section with additional tone-shaping controls, a multi-voice chorus, a vintage-inspired aging effect, and more. Spacer ships with 150 global and 200 module presets. Sounds like a super fun multi-FX processor. 


Spectral Plugins Pancz (Panch) is a mixing/mastering plugin that is designed to control the dynamics and power of your tracks. It combines a multiband transient shaping with saturation, parallel compression and air EQ.

Visualize your audio in real time using the intuitive waveform window, make detailed transient adjustments over three frequency bands and bring out the best in your sound with additional tone manipulation controls.

Spectral Plugins Pancz

One of the highlights of Pancz is the built-in transient shaper that gives you full control over your transients. You can sharpen or blunt transient using the transient shaper, squash or expand their sustain with the Length control and then see the immediate impact of your handiwork in the waveform window.

The plugin’s transient shaping features work independently across three frequency bands with full control over the range and crossover frequencies. This way you can accurately target specific areas of the audio signal and make highly detailed transient adjustments.

Spectral Plugins OCS-45

Third and last plugin is the OSC-45, a multi-FX cassette simulation plugin. The developers promise that it brings all of the lo-fi, vintage feel of cassette tapes to your sound. 

It is powered by different modules. Starting with the main part the casette emulation. It ships with four modes modelled on the major tape types of the golden era of compact cassettes: Ferric Type I, Chrome Type II, Ferrichrome Type III, and Metals Type IV, each with a distinct sound character. 


Of course, OSC-45 features a  wow/flutter module, allowing you to add the detuned, wobbly and worn effect to your sound. The dropouts section simulates the quirky effect produced by physical cassettes when they have a damaged or degraded tape, or playback heads. 

Further, you get a 4-type noise generator + envelope follower that recreates the classic background hiss of cassettes. It allows you to  blend this warm noise into your sound, providing an extra layer of static and texture to fill it out.

Besides this, it comes with five flavors of distortions that can be routed in combination with the other effect modules or alone, including tube, diode, soft clip, saturation, and downsample. Plus, you can shape it with various controls. Sounds like a fun distortion/degradation plugin. 

First Impression

These are three very exciting effect plugins that you can now download for free. Especially Spacer looks super fun. It’s a shame that Spectral Plugins has to go out of business, but I wish them all the best for the future. And thanks for making the plugin free. 

Spectral Plugins Spacer, Pancz, and OSC-45 are available now as a free download. They run as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: official website

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  1. I bought OSC-45 a while back and it must have been right before the acquisition or somehting because i was never able to reinstall it on a new machine because i couldnt access my license number. Either it wouldnt accent my email address or just didnt let me do the “forgot my password”. So i just gave up, then like 2 days ago i get an email with download links for it. Now, theyr out of business. Its a shame but not a surprise with how businesses are strapped right now. Kudus to them and these great plugins.

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