25 years and beyond, Arturia has something new to show tomorrow

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25 years and beyond: Arturia invites you to a live stream tomorrow, where something new will be unveiled to celebrate its 25th birthday

All the best, Arturia. The French company from Grenoble is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. The foundation stone was laid in 1999. It started with VST plugins that emulate analog synths like the Mini V and Moog Modular. In 2007, they moved to hardware for the first time with the Analog Factory.

Two years later, they released their first synth, the Origin. Today, 15 years later, the former only software company has matured and is a company that creates best-seller hardware and software like the MicroFreak, MiniFreak, or the V Collection/FX Collection. The journey is far from over. It continues tomorrow.

25 Years And Beyond Arturia

Arturia invites you to a live stream/keynote tomorrow, where something new will be revealed. We’ll see what it is tomorrow. In the teaser, we see an astronaut floating.

In recent years, a lot of Arturia hardware as well as software has been released. The focus was on the integration of hardware with software. Especially, hybrid concepts like the MiniFreak, which is available as a hardware and software synth.

We’ll see tomorrow whether they continue on this or go entirely new paths. They write: 

25 years, and beyond. A new era awaits, and you’re invited to witness its dawn. Step into the future with #Arturia as we go beyond in this exclusive #livestream event.

The 25 years and beyond Arturia live stream will be tomorrow April 9, 2024 6PM CEST.

More information here: Arturia 

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  1. Yey!
    Open up, here comes the long awaited HW Pigments 🙂 If it’s desktop friendly like the Mikrofreak it’s a big fat YES from me, dawg. Arturias success is simply that they have a knack for doing things just right – like the keystep and updating their stuff much to the joy of users. Unlike certain competing companies who tend to make awkward choices leaving gear expensive and frustratingly half baked with silly memory.

  2. Respect to Arturia, but they are ‘far’ from the “…only software company.”;) Is this to be the recently-leaked PolyBrute 12-voice, perhaps with a polyAT keyboard?

  3. Please just DON’T let it be a desktop module for the Polybrute with more voices. I just splurged on the keyboard 2 weeks ago, after holding out long enough for a module.

    For all the folks who are dying for more voices on the Polybrute (which would be most folks I expect), I do hope it’s an improved variation of the Polybrute.

  4. Please not only fandom, try to add at least a little bit of journalistic distance. Arturia seems to have constant problems with Hardware / Software integration, Polybrute users have been standing in the rain with sub-par software way too long, there seem to be many faulty Minifreaks out there and support requests need much too long.

    • Please be fair: where should I know the problems? I don’t live in the support ticket of the company or the forums. My job is to report on the news and test products from company A to Z. I can’t estimate how good the support is because everyone sees it differently. Some users are happy, others have problems. But that often depends on a different setup, different needs, what you expect from a product, etc.

      E.g. Faulty MiniFreaks? Every synth that is on the market has “Monday Models”. Should I now also report on every faulty or Monday Model Behringer, Korg, Roland etc have. It would be boring and I would have to think up a lot of text because I don’t know what is broken on the devices, etc. That’s not journalist or reporting, that’s pure speculation/conspiracy theories about a brand and a product.

      Nope I’m interest in covering such thing. The fader gate on the latest Teenage Engineering was a major issues happened. If 2-3 people write on social media they have a problem with a MF, what about the other 500+ units. They seem to be going. This is normality in the synth business. There are faulty units, on cheapest 10€ units and the super boutique 10000€ synths.

  5. Interesting – I hope for a module for the Minifreak, love the sound of that thing, but not the form factor.

    Guessing they might show those leaked things from a month or so back too.

  6. I suspect they are not releasing a new synth in either h/w or s/w. They are alluding to something new and big in their approach, possibly a shift in business model or maybe a merger? My money is on an Arturia DAW as per their phrase “a new DAW(n).

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