Dtronics DT-303, new FX box adds spice and dirt to 303 bassline synths, now on Kickstarter

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Dtronics DT-303 is an upcoming new FX box specially designed for making 303 basslines even more aggressive and dirty.

Update: you can now support the DT-303 project with a pre-order on Kickstarter. Super early bird is 179€ with a T-shirt, and early bird is 199€ with estimated shipping in May 2024. The regular price will be 249€.


Article From January 12, 2024

The Roland TB-303 is one of the most legendary synthesizers. An instrument that has a massive influence on electronic music. Even today it is a synth that is an integral part of modern music. Especially with the release of various affordable clones/replicas.

A big part of this success is the sound. It’s snappy, aggressive, and recognizable from 100 other synths. Many people find this not wild enough and use the 303 with distortion pedals. A classic move for 303 users. Also, Dtronics is a fan of this setup and has designed a new FX box specially for the 303. 

Dtronics DT-303

Dtronics DT-303

DT-303 is a new distortion FX box specially designed for the original Roland TB-303 and the various replicas and clones from other manufacturers.

It is a very inconspicuous, small metal box with three knobs that makes the sound of every 303 even more aggressive. It consists of three distinct distortion types: classic, turbo, and overdrive.

The DT-303 has three knobs. Distort adjusts the distortion type and allow you to add spice and dirt to your 303-style sound. Then, the filter suppresses the high frequencies produced by this distortion process. With the volume knob, you tweak the output level to your needs. 

There are also four knobs on the hardware with which you can switch between the different distortions very quickly. The bypass button brings you instantly back to the original sound of your 303. 

On the back side, you get a 3.5mm input and output connection plus a 9V power supply input. The latter automatically detects center positive or center negative. 

DT-303 is capable of generating subtle effects up to heavy, crunchy distortions with which you can teleport your 303 into rich, dirty sonic domains.


First Impression

A beautiful little box for a rather niche user group. Particularly exciting for 303 fans who want to make their unit sound even wilder and more aggressive.

You can support the Dtronics DT-303 project in a Kickstarter project at the end of January (24 January 2024)—availability and price TBA.

More information here: Dtronics

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