Play Jacob Collier’s audience choir in a free Kontakt Player instrument

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Jacob Collier has teamed up with Native Instruments to release its audience choir in a free, playable virtual instrument for Kontakt 7 Player. 

Many people become famous through social media. Some are influencers in a niche, others become world stars. For example, Justin Bieber was discovered in the early days of YouTube. Many other discoveries followed.

One of the recent music stars who is currently going through the roof thanks to the power of social media is Jacob Collier. He is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and educator. He brilliantly makes jazz and other classic genres accessible to many people by incorporating entertainment and collaborative elements in his concerts.

Jacob Collier Audience Choir Native Instruments

Jacob Collier Audience Choir

One of these fascinating collaborative moments is when Jacob plays its audience like a choir. Even if you’ve never been to a concert, you can now experience it from your computer. 

Native Instruments has teamed with Jacob Collier to create the Audience Choir instrument for Kontakt Player. It’s a free instrument and made to celebrate the launch of Collier’s new album Djesse. Vol 4

Now, anyone can experience what only Collier himself has up to now: playing his audience choir like an instrument and adding a chorus of real-life voices from across the globe to any song. 

This new Kontakt instrument features moments from 22 different live shows perfectly captured by Shure microphones. According to NI, you can also hear these recordings on its new album.

It comes with a newly scripted user interface with various tweakable parameters. It starts with a vowel morph pad, allowing you to add motion and blend between vowel types. Audience Choir also gives you the option to choose from pre-designed presets or record your own movements for evolving choir arrangements.

Then, the library also includes unique human percussions that can be added to your tracks, including stomps, claps, and snaps recorded from the audience at each venue. To refine your sounds, it features built-in effects and controls, including delay, reverb, timbre, and stereo width. 

There is also a chord generator for instant harmony, which gives you the freedom to effortlessly blend between pre-built triads using the Triad Blend.

First Impression

A nice project that Native Instruments and Jacob Collier have put together here. Yes, it’s a promo for his album, but you get a nice Kontakt Player virtual instrument for free. I say: take it or leave it. 

The new Jacob Collier Audio Choir Kontakt instrument is available now as a free download from Native Instruments. It runs in the free Native Instruments Kontakt 7 Player. If you want to dig deeper into the Kontakt world, don’t miss the 50% OFF sale on the full Kontakt 7 version. 

More information here: Native Instruments

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