TAL-Pha, new Roland Alpha Juno II emulation and hardware editor

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TAL-Pha is a new Synthesizer plugin that emulates the Roland Alpha Juno II and is, at the same an editor for the original hardware.

The Japanese company Roland has shaped the Synthesizer market like no other with its analog instruments. Many of these are now available as in-house emulation in the Roland Cloud or from third parties like Togu Audio Line, aka TAL.

The Swiss developer, known from his very authentic Juno, Jupiter-8, and SH-101 emulations, is now continuing his Roland love. The latest addition is a software recreation of the vintage Roland Alpha Juno II from 1986 and MKS-50 (1987). It is a synth for which there haven’t been many or any soft counterparts yet.   Correction: yes, there is the Audio Realism ReDominator that is modeled after the Alpha Juno


Togu Audio Line TAL-Pha 

TAL-Pha is a Synthesizer that emulates the sound of the Roland Alpha Juno II analog Synthesizer, including the MK-50 rack version. Excellent, it’s not just an emulation; it’s also an editor for the hardware (Alpha Juno II/MKS-50). It can read and convert sysex information from the hardware, promises the developer. I’m pretty sure many hardware users will enjoy this function.

Like the original unit, it features one oscillator modeled after the DCO section with a sawtooth, pulse, sub, and noise waveforms, including a sub-oscillator. PWM is also adjustable with dedicated sliders (wave, rate). There is also a new possibility to detune, modulate, and sync the pulse part of the DCO.

A neat addition is an option to individually tune every voice, turning the DCO into a VCO synth.

Then, it hosts a 24dB lowpass filter with a new resonance boost for filter self-oscillation. A high-pass filter is also included. On the modulation side, it has a single LFO, and a unique multi-stage ADSR envelope. Also functions from the original hardware.

All new is a simple but powerful FX section with delay, reverb, and a bell-EQ, allowing you to refine your sounds. Further, it includes an arpeggiator with different modes and a stereo unison mode with up to seven voices.

TAL-Pha is also a plugin for the future. It supports aftertouch, full MPE, and micro tuning via tune file import and MTS client.

Yes, the synth also ships with tons of sounds. Besides the original factory banks, it also includes more than 380 fresh sounds by Electric Himalaya, The Unfinished, Saif Sameer, emptyvessel and TAL. 

First Impression

That’s what you call a nice surprise from TAL. The TAL-Pha sounds very, very good in the first demos. I’m looking forward to the first tests I can do. What is particularly commendable is that the plugin can be used as a hardware editor and that it also works on Linux systems.

TAL-Pha is available now for an introductory price of $64 + VAT (reg. $80 + VAT). It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, CLAP, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel), Linux, and Windows.

More information here: TAL 

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  1. I adore my Alpha Juno 2 and I have the MPG-50 MKII, which is a Godsend. This sounds really good in the demo, and the fact that it works as an editor for the AJ and MKS-50 is absolutely worth the price of admission.

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