Vostok Instruments Atlas, new quad multimode analog scanning filter module

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Vostok Instruments Atlas is a new quad multimode analog scanning/morphing filter module, taking you back to the Japanese synths of the 80s. 

If you look back, the 80s are one of the great times of synthesizers, especially in the analog domain. There were analog synths in abundance. Roland released countless analog synths that are legendary today: Jupiter-8, Juno-106, TB-303, and more. 

Back to the present. Vostok Instruments is now bringing the sound of the Japanese synths back in a new filter module called Atlas. 

Vostok Instruments Atlas

Vostok Instruments Atlas

Atlas is a unique 16HP quad multimode analog filter based on a “big sound”, gain-cell-based filter bank design.

According to Vostok Instruments, it captures the spirit of 80s Japanese classics, so Roland, Korg… and bring it to Eurorack with technical enhancements. This includes a better noise floor, an accurate resonance compensation, and a daisy-chain input implementation.

Atlas has four channels. Each comprises three filter modes: 4-pole LP, 2-pole HP, and 4-pole BP, giving you almost any filtering technique.

For each channel, you have CV-controllable cutoff and resonance controls. Plus, you choose either to modulate the resonance or FM the filter. It’s nice to see modulation on the resonance; it’s a bit rarer. Many are limited to cutoff modulation.

Another exciting feature is the ability to excite the filter inputs with trigger/gate signals. Once patched, you can achieve TR-like kicks drums, toms, congas, and more.

A highlight of the Atlas is a CV-controlled interpolating scanner circuit. For me, one of the features that makes it very unique. It allows you to morph softly between each filter output. Thus, you can lovely morph from one channel to another channel, giving you evolving timbres.

First Impression

At first glance, Atlas is a very nice, very classically designed filter module. I like the module layout a lot. It offers a lot, but it is structured super straightforward, which makes operation child’s play. I also enjoy a lot the first sound demo of it. Great Job Vostok Instruments.

Vostok Instruments Atlas is available now for $319,99. 

More information here: Vostok Instruments 

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