Moritz Klein Has Turned His Diode Ladder Filter Circuit Into A Eurorack Module

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YouTuber and musician Moritz Klein has turned his self-developed diode ladder filter circuit into a Eurorack module and you can win it.

Finding the right Eurorack filter is not that easy. Should it be simple or complex, only a few of many types, fully analog or digital, a Moog Ladder, Oberheim SVF … buying a filter should be considered carefully.

If you want something more adventurous and technical, you can solder or even develop a filter yourself. The YouTuber Moritz Klein showed very interesting and easy to understand how to do this in some videos. Now he has even converted his filter circuit into a Euroack module.

Moritz Klein Filter

Moritz Klein Diode Filter Module

The diode filter module by Moritz Klein is super straightforward. It offers lowpass, bandpass as well as highpass types with control over the cutoff and resonance. It has two CV inputs with dedicated attenuators. Also, onboard is an overdrive circuit that is controllable with the drive knob.

The most exciting thing about this filter module is not so much the end product but the process that Moritz explains in detail including which components you need to build one yourself.

The latest video release shows you how he transforms the filter circuit in a Eurorack module. And in the linked video below, you can win one of two assembled filter modules. Thus learning and, with a bit of luck, winning a module. That’s how synthesis school should look like.

A nice video series in my opinion that has earned a lot of likes and support. This is not about product reviews, i.e. marketing, but rather educational content that gives you a detailed overview of a filter circuit.

The filter circuit by Moritz Klein is a DIY project. It is not known whether the project will also be released as a commercial product.

More information here: Moritz Klein Patreon 

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