Stylophone CPM DS-2, patchable analog drone Synthesizer with FXs

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Stylophone CPM DS-2 is a new powerful patchable analog drone Synthesizer with two voices, and built-in delay and reverb. 

Last week, the British company Dubreq surprised us with the Stylophone Theremin. A theremin that is not 100% an authentic theremin but has the properties of the classic touch synth. With a solid feature set at a very attractive price. Now there is a second new release.

Not a synth or drum box with a pen but, for the first time, a drone synth. Please welcome the CPM DS-2.

Stylophone CPM DS-2

Stylophone CPM DS-2

With the new CPM DS-2, the British company explores the drone synth market for the first time.

The CPM DS-2 comprises of five patchable sections: an ultra LFO, two drone voices, a mixer, delay, and reverb. Each drone voice consists of a 3340-based analog oscillator with various waves, pitch control, osc mix, and modulation. There is also an additional sub-oscillator per voice with -1 and -2 above the main oscillator.

Then, each drone voice has a 3320-based filter with both lowpass and highpass settings and classic cutoff and resonance control. LFO modulation is also possible. Plus, you get volume control for each voice. 

For modulation, it hosts an impressive “ultra” LFO with 14 analog waveforms and rate control. This can be assigned via a 7-switch modulation matrix or with patch cables via the two dedicated outputs. Nice, each output can output a different waveform, which means you can achieve more complex sounds.

Stylophone CPM DS-2

Vintage Effects

Next, you have a mixer that brings both synth voices together and routes it further to the effects section with a dedicated mixer. 

First, you can work with a vintage PT2399 delay offering various controls and built-in modulation. Great for adding crunch repeats and crackles to the drones.  Secondly, a reverb processor with 8 vintage AL3201 algorithms adds room and space to your drone sounds.

You can choose between three rooms, two plates, two halls, and a chamber/hall algorithm. The reverb can be operated in mono and in stereo. So you can also turn your patches into a stereo sound. 

On the connection side, you get two stereo outputs and AUX input in the effects mixer. Not to forget, the CPM DS-2 is patchable using the 12 modular Eurorack compatible patch points in the drone I, II, and LFO sections. As a little bonus, there is also a built-in speaker. 

The unit runs on 6 AA batteries. Not sure if there is a power supply input. It can’t be seen directly in the pictures. I will check this. And no MIDI support, so it’s a 100% synth for drone lovers. You have CV for pitch but don’t know if this is 1v/oct. 


First Impression

At a glance, an exciting drone synth. I find it commendable that companies also dare to undertake such projects. Drone synths are often only interesting for experimental musicians and are often part of a more niche field than classic synths. 

I like the feature set, especially the form factor and that there are built-in vintage effects. That certainly causes a lot of noise.

Stylophone CPM DS-2 will be available soon for +/- $259/239€ or £209. You can sign-up for pre-orderin on their list. Availability TBA.

More information here: Stylophone 

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  1. Speaking of form factor… for a synth described as compact and portable, it’s interesting that they don’t say anything about dimensions or weight. Using 6xAA batteries is already a departure from current devices, no?

    • the form factor, you can see a bit better in the video. It’s pretty compact. I think its bigger than the other synth, the new Theremin is also bigger than the current Stylophone lineup 🙂

  2. This is pretty damn cool and very unexpected from Stylophone. Would love to see their quirky approach applied to even bigger and more ambitious instruments!

  3. Looks ace on paper and sounds great in the video, which imo not many drone synths do. Definitely an interesting synth!

  4. They mention eurorack compatibility. At least this should imply V/Oct pitch input, but the Stylophone website mentions it can be built into a Eurorack as well. Batteries are not needed and a very decent drone start for modular lovers. That is very, very welcome.
    The price is attractive. I might be getting the same results with a lot of my conventional gear, but having something that immediate is worth it.

  5. Any bets it will come before September ends? (some rumor I heard “they try to deliver in september”).

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