Behringer Intros Eurorack Go, A Mobile 2 x 140 HP Case With A Built-In “Massive” Power Supply

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Behringer ‘s answer to all available cases is called Eurorack Go and is a portable 2 x 140 HP case with a built-in massive power supply 

Since one believed, one would be in the Christmas time and most companies were already almost on vacation, then Behringer comes with some new products. It is a clever move from Behringer to bring now a portable, powered case for a probably very reasonable price. A 2 x 104 HP case is ideal for beginners.

According to the video, it has a “massive” power supply with 32 power connections on a bus that’s split into three zones offering 1amp per zone. I like the idea that it has the power supply built-in and not as a separate module. On the backside, it has also bracket that pops out so you can use it in a “stand” version.

Behringer Eurorack Go

The big question: what will the Behringer Eurorack Go cost. I guess well below the price of an Arturia Rackbrute (€ 280 currently) and also under a TipTop Audio Mantis. My expectation, it will cost 199€ but let see. From the first look, it looks great and will enlarge the Eurorack community again.

If it is cheap enough, many people will have the opportunity to deal with Eurorack. Update: Behringer reacted to the community and announced that the unit will come with a mounting strip rather than sliding nuts/bolts.

More information will follow: Behringer

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