Happy Nerding FX Aid Algorithms round up 1/2022: new chorus, pitch shifter grain, freezer and more

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Happy Nerding FX Aid, a powerful multi-FX module for Eurorack got a wide range of new additions, here is the algorithms round up 1/2022.

The FX Aid/FX Aid XL modules from the Ukrainian manufacturer Happy Nerding are fantastic multi-FX modules that are constantly updated with new algorithms. It’s basically the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 of the effect modules.

I’m a big fan of the module and the work of Igor, the mastermind behind Happy Nerding. That’s why I have a tradition of regularly summarizing the latest algorithm updates in a round-up article. Now its time again because the list of new programs to explore grows and grows. Igor lives in Ukraine, and I hope you and your family are safe.

 FX Aid Algorithms round up

FX Aid Algorithms Round-Up 1/2022

Igor was super busy again: since my last round up article on December 1st, a lot of new algorithms have been added. Of course, they are all compatible with both FX Aid versions.

Vinyl Effects

The wave of new algorithms started shortly after my last article. Already in December last year where Happy Nerding added two vinyl effects to the shaper section of the FX Aid module. Both effects gives you the beloved degradation vibes that we love from vinyl sounds. Vinyl Retro is here a mono version with a higher level of degradation.

Both algorithms offers the controls wear, noise and noise to shape the timbre of the degradation. Two great effects to add lo-fi textures to your sounds.


The new year started with the AD/AR VCFs algorithms which brings 1, 2 and 4 pole lowpass filters with either attack decay or attack release control to the shaper section. The controls are here cutoff frequency, attack and decay.

The right input takes here the trig or gate control signal and the left input the audio. The left output is the VCF only, the right output passes the VCF through a VCA with the same envelope.

Reverb Lo Fi

Igor likes to emulate timbres from well-known effects pedals. We already saw that with the reverb algorithms that are inspired after the EarthQuaker Devices Transmissor. The new Reverb Lo-Fi algorithm is another unique reverb that takes inspiration from the high-quality Source Audio Ventris reverb pedal.

The algorithm offers decay, drive and tone controls and can achieve very crunchy reverb sounds.

Shallow Water

Another unique algorithm is Shallow Water that is a modulation effect that adds wobbly movements to your sounds. It offers the controls rate, range and tone. And once the rate is set to zero, the range control can be used for manual/CV modulations.

XOX Drums

FX Aid / FX Aid XL is not just an effects module. Just recently, Happy Nerding released authentic emulations of the TR-808 and TR-909 voices into the module for free. This line of generators was recently continued with the XOX Drums.

It features modeled bass drum, snare, clap and hihat drums. Each instrument features controls for tune, attack and decay.

Freezer Effects

A big highlight, for me at least, of this FX Aid round-up 1/2022 are the new freeze effects algorithms in the shaper section.

The first one is called Freeze Tone and allows you to loop the audio input up to 1 sec time (under default sample rate) with a lowpass / high pass tone control. Freeze Speed, the second also allows you to loop the audio input of up to 1 sec time (under default sample rate). This time, however, with a bi-directional speed control.

On the interface, you get the controls gate, time, and tone:

  • FX AID: CV should be assigned to control 1, knob to be at zero position, positive voltage loops the input
  • FX AID XL: Gate voltage to be sent to CV1, knob to be at zero position, positive voltage loops the input.

Two very exciting additions for the shaper section.

New Chorus Effects

There are also new chorus effects for the modulation section. In total, you can explore three new algorithms: Chorus ensemble, chorus random, and chorus shallow water. Chorus Ensemble gives you spread, width and +/- feedback controls. Chorus Random offers rate, range and +/- feedback. And Chorus Shallow Water rate, range, and damp.

Definitely, a large portion of new chorusing for your FX Aid module.

Pitch Shifter Grain

This week, Igor added the Pitch Shifter Grain algorithm to the shifters list. It’s a classic pitch shifter expanded with variable grain size. You can modify the effects using the shift, feedback, and grain controls. Finally a big of granular in the FX Aid module.

Freeze Prime Time

And today another freezer effect premiered. Freeze Prime Time is a freeze effect with a row of fixed loop speeds 1/8 – 1/4 – 1/2 – 1 – 1.5 – 2 – 3 – 4. Igor says: ” feeding a positive voltage to the SRR input decreases the sample rate and thus increases the recorded loop time”.

The linked video shows the new algorithm in action and the results are interesting.

Again a huge number of exciting new algorithms. Many of them very special and unique. I have meanwhile deciphered Igor’s secret plan. He wants us to have a huge modular just with FX Aids. It’s a devilish plan.

FX Aid case

Joking aside, thank you Igor for this colorful selection of new effects. I hope you are safe and getting through these difficult times. Please support this great developer!

Happy Nerding FX Aid and FX Aid XL are now available. FX Aid costs 199€ and FX Aid XL with more CV inputs costs 245€.  The new algorithms are free of charge for existing customers available from the web editor.

More information here: Happy Nerding 

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