Cableguys ReverbShaper plugin brings rhythmic reverbs to the Shaperbox verse

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Cableguys has expanded its Shapebox 3 engine with the new ReverbShaper, a new reverb core made for rhythmic multi-timbered reverbs. 

Effects can massively push sounds in new directions. They can also be the element that characterizes the song. This is especially the case when they are properly integrated into the song. A popular technique is to animate effects in sync with your rhythm or melody. 

There are many tools available for this. Shaperbox 3 plugin from the German-based company Cableguys is very popular among developers. It combines a range of effects with a fully customizable, deep modulation engine. There have been 9 effects so far in the plugin, as of today there are 10. 

Cableguys ReverbShaper

Cableguys ReverbShaper

Now, you can also ask a reverb to dance. ReverbShaper is the latest addition and core to the ShaperBox 3 plugin. It runs as a standalone plugin but also in the SB3.

Let’s start with the known. The beloved ShaperBox modulation engine powers also this new core. It allows you to create any movement you can imagine with the built-in easy LFO drawing tool. You can draw curves for envelopes, ramps – any shape at all. 

This is highly versatile. You can generate subtle but also extreme effects. You can take the reverb on a moving journey. For example, with the envelope follower, you can create the famous ducked or gate-like effects in seconds. 

You can also push this into full control. Draw a custom ducking curve and trigger from transients using the LFO’s Audio Trigger mode. So, the engine we know and love from the other ShaperBox plugins. However, the Reverb engine is new and offers a lot.

Tons Of Reverbs

ReverbShaper features 127 different flavored reverbs, from lush rooms and halls to shimmering vintage plates, epic ambiances, old-school spring units, and classic gated ‘verbs.

Plus, it features more crazy ones like metallic resonances, bizarre slapbacks, and experimental swells… I’m pretty sure everyone should find their favorites in this impressive list. 

This is fully controllable using various parameters: volume, decay “with natural timbre”, pre-delay, size, and width.

A clever and innovative feature is the clear tails mode. With this, the reverb resets every time the LFO reaches its minimum point, preventing long tails from reappearing once silenced. This feature is handy when using big, epic reverb with long tails.

Further, you can shape your reverb sounds with a three-band EQ. Use it as a filter to avoid low-end rumble on drums and bass, exclude vocal sibilance, and add ambience to specific frequencies in a loop.

Alternatively, the plugin also allows you to use up to 3 separate reverbs with fully independent settings per band. Also a neat function. 

First Impression

A nice extension for the ShaperBox 3 plugin. It definitely opens the door to new possibilities for how to use reverbs in songs and sounds. Hopefully, we also see a DelayShaper in the future. That would be also super fun.

Cableguys ReverbShaper is available now for $39/39€, or get the ShaperBox 3 bundle with 10 effects in a Black Friday Deal for $89/89€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Cableguys 

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