Cableguys DriveShaper, Creative Rhythmic Distortions For ShaperBox 2

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Cableguys DriveShaper is a new effect plugin and addition to ShaperBox 2 that quickly becomes your go-to tool for rhythmic distortions.

When it comes to effects that set every sound in motion, there is no way around Cableguys. With the ShaperBox 2, they released back in 2019 a plugin that raised rhythmical effects to a new level. Especially with the ability to draw your own modulator shapes, you can design evolving effects that fit perfectly to your sound and track.

Cableguys has today released a sonic upgrade for the ShapeBox2 in form of the DriveShaper, a new distortion module for it.

Cableguys DriveShaper

Cableguys DriveShaper

So far there have been filters, crush, panners, stutters, and other effects for the ShaperBox2. Now a full load of distortion is drawn in. DriveShaper is a multiband distortion processor that splits your audio into up to three frequency bands. This allows you to apply distortion right there in the sound spectrum where you like it. It features 10 versatile distortion algorithms that range from classic soft/hard clip, soft/hard square up to different wavefolders.

DriveShaper runs on its own or in the Cableguys ShaperBox 2 with other shapers. The extremely versatile modulation is available in both application variants. Animate any of DS’ 10 shaping algorithms using easy, drawable LFOs or simple 1-slider envelope followers that respond to beats, loops, and melodies.

Rhythmical Distortions

Since you are not limited to simple LFO waveforms, you have the full range of movements at your disposal. From subtle to extreme, everything is possible and very quickly programmable. Unique distortion rhythms, pulsing analog-style warmth, or hard-edged patterns, the plugin is your go-to tool for rhythmical distortions.

If that’s too much movement, the plugin can also be used as a classic distortion effect that adds rich timbre to your sounds.

Cableguys DriveShaper is available now in VST and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac. It’s priced 39€/$44 USD and is a free update for ShaperBox 2 Bundle users. But wait! According to the latest Plugin Boutique newsletter, you get DriveShaper for free using the code zn1v9 at checkout until December 31, 2020. 

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  1. Ha! Freebie!
    Already had the Time Shaper but I wasn’t ready for the full box. This might push me all the way, after more experimentation.
    This kind of distortion/waveshaping requires some experimentation. It was a bit too much on the first thing I tried yet I can hear how it might sound on other stuff.

    Thanks for that PB code!

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