Dials, AudioThing and Hainbach’s test equipment channel effect is now on iOS

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Dials, AudioThing, and Hainbach’s unique and bizarre test equipment channel effect plugin is now available on iOS with AUv3 support.

AudioThing is currently on an iOS trip. Step by step, the plugins are ported to the mobile platform. The special instruments and effects from Hainbach are also included.

The latest available for iOS is Dials, an experimental effect processor based on Hainbach’s test equipment.

Dials iOS

Dials iOS

Dials takes your signal on a journey through test equipment from the 1950s. More precisely, AudioThing modeled a creative combination of 1950s electronic music hardware that Hainbach uses as a channel strip in its studio in Berlin.

The plugin consists of two sections. First, it has a tube preamp and compressor based on a 1950s measurement instrument for broadcasting. These are capable to boost and compress your signals in a single section.

On the parameter side, you get preamp gain, volume, and the option to tweak the amount and envelope for the compressor section. The device was initially designed for calibrating radio transmitters and later transformed into a mic preamp by Wojcek Czern says AudioThing.

Then, you can route your signals through a filter section using scientific high and low-pass filters made by Allison Labs. These are filters originally created for precise scientific filtering. So no sound precision, and the frequency scale only provides a rough orientation. That’s not your ladder or Oberheim filter.

They are capable to sing beautifully instead of being super precise. The lowpass and highpass sections each offer a stepped frequency switch and multiplier knob for fine-tuning. The developers also added resonance to make the filters more flexible and creative.

Finally, it includes a trip section that lets you introduce modulation to the filters and volume. It comes with various waveforms and you can adjust the speed and intensity of the modulation applied to the parameters.

I am very happy to see that the next very unique effect plugin from AudioThing and Hainbach is now available on iOS. Thanks for the port.

AudioThing Dials for iOS is available now for an introductory price of $12,99/15,99€ until March 10th, 2023. (reg. $19,99/23,99€). The plugin version is on sale for 49€ instead of 79€ for a limited time.

More information here: AudioThing   AppStore

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