LEAK: Yamaha M8x, M7, and M6 feature sets, incl. AN-X engine, and a surprise

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Yamaha has published a teaser of the upcoming next generation of its Montage Synthesizer workstation in form of pictures and sound demos.

And I continue with the new upcoming Yamaha Montage M series leaks. You almost think Yamaha is playing a game with the press and leaking the new synths bit by bit.

The website Yamahamusicians.com has once again found fresh information about the new Montage synths, which confirms the AN-X engine, and also brings a surprise.

Leak Yamaha Montage M

According to the new leak, the models will have different features. But let’s start with the similarities.

New Yamaha M6, M7, and M8 Features

  • three engines: refined AWM2 + FM-X, and all-new AN-X sound engines that re-creates the sound and behavior of an analog synth. 
  • more preset waveform memory from 5.67 GB to 9,97GB and 3.8 GB of user memory  (1.75GB on the previous) 
  • increased polyphony of the engines up to 400 notes (128 AWM2 preset, 128 AWM2 user, 128 FM-X, and 16 AN-X)
  • upgraded pure analog circuit that reduces noise and improves the dynamic range, crosstalk, and more 
  • 512 x 64 pixel LCD quick edit display screen
  • new performance controls with a five-segment ribbon controller, a new keyboard HOLD button for sustaining chords while using knobs to edit, and a portamento on/off button and a dedicated time knob

Things get more exciting with the different models.

Yamaha M6, M7 and M8X

The M6 and M7 will feature the same full-size touch-sensitive synth-action keybed with velocity + aftertouch. Yamaha describes it as non-leaded Fast Spring (FSX) key action for a lightweight feel with the exacting amount of resistance.

The flagship model Montage M8X, on the other hand, will have an 88 full-sized touch-sensitive piano-style and GEX weighted action polyphonic aftertouch keybed. This is a big surprise and a feature offered in the legendary Yamaha CS-80 and DX-1 synths. So you get basically a virtual CS-80 in the Montage that can be played with polyAT. Sounds tempting. 

The rest remains identical to the smaller models.

And the prices are also available. According to Yamahamusicians.com, the Montage M6 will cost $3999,99, the M7 for $4499,00 and the M8X with polyphonic aftertouch for $4999,00. 

The new models are not cheap, but it was to be expected that they would be professional synths. 


Article From September 20, 2023

Yesterday, Yamaha released a sneak peek of its new Montage Synthesizer with the first sound demos. A short time later, there was the first significant leak with photos of the devices. They will be called Montage M6, M7 and M8X.

The photos were published by the Yamaha Community website Yamahamusicians.com.

Yamaha Montage Leak

The three new Montage models can be seen. The first two will probably have a semi-weighted keybed while the M8X has weight keys. And these pictures also clearly show that the new Montage gets a second display above the knobs. The middle display appears unchanged. Hopefully, it will have a higher resolution.

Yamaha Montage M8X M7 M6

And the last, a bit blurry picture, shows all three new models.

Yamaha Montage Leak____________________________________________________________

Article from September 19th, 2023

The journey of the Yamaha Montage came to an end in the Summer. After seven years on the market, Yamaha discontinued their synth workstation. At the same time, they announced that it was not the end. They teased the next generation that will be presented in October.

At the time, Yamaha didn’t announce what the feature set of the new Montage would be. A month, however, before the release, there is now a bit of movement in the topic with a first official teaser.

Yamaha new montage

Yamaha New Montage Teaser

The first Yamaha Montage was a Synthesizer workstation based on the AWM2 and FMX engines that combined various synthesis and sampling options. This is now history. Thus, the most crucial question: what will be different in the new Montage? I’m sure Yamaha will keep the Montage name.  You can’t see much in the new pictures, but a few elements indicate new features.

Firstly, a new elongated display will be located above the knobs on the left side. This will give you a better overview of the parameter and would be a good addition next to the famous blue super knob.

Then Yamaha highlighted the ribbon controller under the pitch and mod wheel in its teaser photos. The current Montage already has this. Does the new Montage have an improved one that can be played more expressively? That would also be a good improvement.

You can also see in the pictures that the angular shape of the original remains. So we can talk about a new Montage here.

With the release of the Waldorf Quantum MK2 and the new NI Komplete controllers, the question arises as to whether the new “Montage” will have an improved keybed. More if it has a polyphonic aftertouch support. So far, there has been no sign from Yamaha about such a keybed. It would be a great new features with they would score points.

Yamaha New Montage


We’ll have to look closer at the new Montage software in October. In June 2022, Yamaha registered a trademark for the name AN-X. This has not yet been used in any new products. I assume the possible new AN-X engine will premiere for the first time in the new Montage.

Another question: what will be the new AN-X engine? A comeback of the popular AN1X virtual analog Synthesizer as a supercharged Montage engine or something completely different? A CS-80 emulation was also heard from the Yamaha rumor mill.

One thing is certain: Yamaha will present the new Montage in October with at least an additional display and a new software. We’ll see what the latter will have in October. Until then, it will remain exciting. So stay tuned. And I almost forgot, there are also a handful of fresh sound demos on the official website giving you a sound sneak peak.

More information will follow here: Yamaha Synths

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    • Yeah it looks like an 80’s Macintosh or something. That beautiful Montage, what have they done?? Hope I can find a used or almost new Montage at a music store somewhere.

  1. hi tom,
    at yamahamusicians it also says: “integrated 16-track sequencer and performance recorder”. does that mean that the previous pattern sequencer will remain, or will the 16-track sequencer also be usable in a linear manner? do you know more? best.

  2. Only 16 note polyphony for the ANX engine? That’s only 6 more than the AN1-x from 25 years ago. Less than my Access Virus C as well. Unless those 16 voices offer some real magical enhancements, can’t say I’m too impressed. Was considering replacing my Kronos with this, but likely not now.

    • Well, the YC88 is basically the super reface pro. It’s the reface CP and the organ one together with some preset rompler synth with GM (DX) sounds and synth sounds.

  3. So far a massive disappointment. As a long time motif user and fan, I can say with confidence everything after the XS is mostly hype. The XS is capable of producing stellar quality music, and it has an incredible pattern sequencer mode. I would never invest in a workstation from Yamaha post XS. Although

  4. Again, yamaha makes features for an old music that nobody want to listin. Why add analog circuit without analog multi-mode filters?
    No CV inputs for extra modulations, no multiple midi 5 din outputs. It just a new skin on borring workstation with sound quality from early 2000’s. Try harder yamaha… you can do better

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