Perfect Circuit Halloween Sale 2023, top synth deals incl. 33,3% OFF Korg drumlogue

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Perfect Circuit Halloween Sale 2023 is on with discounts of up to 50% on hardware synths, modules, and more, incl. 33,3% OFF Korg drumlogue

We are quickly approaching the month of November. The month is also known as Black Friday month, where many retailers offer their music tech products with discounts.

But before we get there, scary Halloween comes. This event is also used by many retailers to offer gear with discounts. This also applies to Perfect Circuit, which has started a Halloween Sale 2023.

Perfect Circuit Halloween Sale 2023

Perfect Circuit Halloween Sale 2023

I will show you not all the deals here. I will present you my highlights where the discounts are very good. There are four categories: Synth & Drum Machines, Eurorack Synthesizers, Pedals + Effects, and Pro Audio. I give you three of four. 

And to be clear, deals with 10% OFF aren’t real deals. With coupons etc. you can get them all year round.

Synth & Drum Machines

Let’s start with one of the best deals. The Korg drumlogue groveboox with analog drums, samples and the super versatile multi-engine SDK is currently available with a 33,39% discount for $399. That’s a very good price

Perfect Circuit Halloween Sale 2023

Even though I said I wasn’t highlighting 10% deals, there is also the first discount on the first Synclavier hardware Synthesizer in a long time. You can save 12,81% OFF on the Synclavier Regen digital FM Synthesizer and get it for $2179. 

The Moog Etherwave Theremin is also on special sale with a 28.61% discount for $499. For everyone who is looking for a budget Theremin and doesn’t want to wait for the Behremin, this could be interesting.

Then, you can save 30% OFF on the Vermona Mono Lancet desktop analog Synthesizer and get it for $409. The Lancet is not a super modern analog synth with advantageous features. It’s a classic subtractive instrument from Germany, however, with a highly round, fat-sounding character. 

Did someone say organ? The Crumar Mojo 61 Combo Organ (Black LE) is on sale with a 30% OFF discount. There is also a 30% OFF discount on the UNO Synth Pro keyboard. A very underrated analog synthesizer in my opinion. It’s a shame that development was stopped.

Uno Synth Pro review

If you are more into keyboard playing, there is also a good discount on the Nord Stage 3 88. You can get it with a 20% discount.

Perfect Circuit also has many Halloween offers on B-Stocks, including a 24,86% discount on the Sequential Prophet polyphonic Synthesizer.

Eurorack Deals

Let’s start with the most essential thing in Eurorack, cases. There is a fat 50% discount on the current Moog powered Eurorack cases. Perfect for a few modules or for your first attempt at modular. Be careful the case is not very deep—nonetheless, a great deal. 

Moog Eurorack cases

There is also a 18% OFF sale on the Erica Synths 6U 84HP skiff case with integrated PSU and a 23% OFF Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-208 travel case 

Tens of modules are on sale. Here I’ll give you a selection with the best deals (not the 10% things).

Perfect Circuit has put a good amount of modules on sale: Shuttle System (18%), Furthrrrr Generator Complex oscillator (19% OFF), Running Order 1U sequencer (37% OFF)…

Two modules from the Swedish company Noise Lab are also on sale with big discounts: Prime Mover analog VCO (37% OFF) (REVIEW) and Wrinkler wave shaper (REVIEW) (36% OFF).

Prime Mover

Another good deal is the 24% OFF discount on the Norand Morphos 3D—a wild, unique morphing oscillator from France. There is also a 35% OFF discount on the Random Source Serge Equal Power Stereo Mixer or a 46% OFF on the Frequency Central System X Filter. And many more.

Effects Pedal Deals

Last but not least, we come to the pedals. The deals here are manageable. But there are some highlights. 

IK Multimedia AmpliTube X-Gear Pedals

For example, Perfect Circuit is selling the IK Multimedia AmpliTube pedals (X-SPACE, -TIME, -VIBE, -DRIVE) with a 30% discount each for $229,99.

Still on sale is the Walrus Audio Slövta multi-texture reverb pedal with a massive 52% OFF discount. They say: “Reserve yours,” but I don’t know if there are any more coming. Then, the Neural Devices Emerald OTA compressor is on sale with a 30% OFF discount.

From the experimental corner, I found the Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom Retro pedal with a vintage VU meter on sale with a 30% discount. There are also a lot of deals on pedals, but many have very light discounts, which are not real deals.

First Impression

Some exciting deals here and there. The highlights for me are certainly the Korg drumlogue with 30% OFF and the Moog cases with a 50% off. 

Perfect Circuit Halloween Sale will run until November 6, 2023 (9:AM CET). Use code SPOOKY10 to save 10% on select non-sale items*

More information here: Perfect Circuit 

Hardware Deals


  1. Uno synth development stopped? I missed that, first time I hear about it. Do you have more details or a link?

    • The Uno Synth Pro (keyboard and desktop) are stopped. No future update are planed for it. And the Uno Synth Pro X is the successor of it.
      No details or link of. I know it from the developers.

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