Endorphin.es Ghost and Golden Master are now available as effects pedals

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Endorphin.es opens the guitar pedals chapter with two standalone adaptions of its Ghost and Golden Master Eurorack modules.

At NAMM 2023, the Spanish company Endorphin.es announced pedal versions of its modules Ghost and Golden Master.  

The wait is now over. The pedals are now available. 

Ghost, made in collaboration with Andrew Huang, is a stereo multi-FX pedal with delay, reverb, filter, and a distortion with a cabinet simulator. These FX can be flexibly arranged in the signal path using routing presets. With the intuitive modulation engine, you can make them more dynamic and flexible.

Golden Master, on the other side, is your instant track polisher in pedal format. This is suitable for putting on the final stage of processing. For example, in Live situations polish your sound. It includes a multiband compressor with EQ, mid-side processing, and a stereo enhancer for each band.

The new Endorphin.es pedals are available now at its store and at retailers. Golden Master cost 295€ and Ghost for 445€. The prices does not include VAT and shipping. 

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Article From April 13, 2023

Eurorack and guitar pedals have a lot in common. On the one hand, they quickly become addictive, on the other hand, the developers often have a past in one world or another. For example 4MS or Dreadbox, both pedal manufacturers who have entered the Eurorack.

Endorphin.es from Spain are now doing the opposite. At NAMM 2023 they will be showing pedal adaptations of two Eurorack modules.

Endorphines Ghost Golden Master pedals

Endorphin.es Ghost and Golden Master

Ghost and Golden Master are the first pedals from the Spanish company Endorphin.es. These are not entirely new developments. The codes come from the best-known Eurorack modules of the same name.

Ghost with Andrew Huang

The Ghost pedal is based on the Ghost Eurorack FX module Endorphin.es presented in collaboration with Andrew Huang at the Superbooth last year.  It offers a multi-algorithm reverb, 3-type filter, distortion, and internal LFO for modulation.

The effects also have the same extra goodies you know from the module. The reverb has a freeze option for making textures. There is also a delay looper, a comb with a resonator, and a spring mode with virtual spring excitement.

Yes, the flexibility that the Eurorack module has remains in the pedal. Here you can also adjust the effect chain by pressing a button.

Endorphines Ghost pedal

In many places, however, the pedal is different from the module. It offers a bigger user interface showing the parameter values and real-time modulation line. Also, there are differences when it comes to connectivity.

Where the Eurorack module has many CV inputs, the pedal looks at the backside like a classic modern pedal. You get a stereo input on left/right  JFET guitar inputs that go, if necessary, in a cabinet simulator.

Then, you get a stereo left/right output. A good addition is an option to choose between guitar and line level—something I would like to have in many guitar pedals. Next, you can find a MIDI interface (in/out-thru), giving you full MIDI control over every parameter, including the MIDI clock over the LFO.

According to Endorphin.es, the intuitive UI of the pedal version of the Ghost is capable to store presets allowing you to stay in the now and focus on your performance.

Golden Master

Further, there is also a Golden Master pedal adaption. It features the same core features as the module, including a multiband compressor with EQ, mid-side processing, and a stereo enhancer for each of the three bands.

The user interface is straightforward and offers hands-on control over the core features. Each band gets a compression knob along with a global threshold and dedicated EQ pots (low, mid, high).

It has high-impedance stereo inputs (l/r) and pseudo-balanced outputs plus an input for an expression pedal. Endorphin.es says it also works as a DI-box on stage.

Endorphines Golden Master pedal

A pedal that is particularly useful and suitable as a finalizer at the end of the signal chain. Especially for giving your tracks power.

First Impression

A great move to bring these effects into the pedal world. Ghost could be a very exciting effect for synthesizers as well as guitars. Golden Master could become a must-have for many live musicians to give their live performances a finishing touch.

Both new Endorphin.es (Ghost and Golden Master) pedals will be launched in autumn. At NAMM 2023, which starts today, they will be shown for the first time.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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