Behringer JT-2, a Jupiter-8-style paraphonic analog Synthesizer for Eurorack Prototype

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Behringer has revealed the JT-2, an upcoming paraphonic analog Synthesizer based on a voice from the legendary Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer. 

Is Behringer starting the next teaser marathon? We remember the wave of teasers of new products that rolled toward us at the beginning of the last year. It hit people so hard that it led to teaser oversaturation. As is well known, none of the many announcements have been made available to date. Yes, the chips still don’t make it to the factory.

After the announcement of the BM-102 ring modulator pedal, there is now the next new project. Behringer has unveiled the JT-2, a new paraphonic analog Synthesizer for Eurorack based on a single voice from the legendary Roland Jupiter-8. So basically, a Jupiter-1 (eight minus seven).

Behringer JT-2

While we’re currently working on a full key version of Jupiter, here is a new prototype in a smaller and more affordable Eurorack package. It features an authentic Jupiter voice based on the same VCOs and VCFs, plus an autotune and arpeggiator function. We believe we could make it for US$ 299 What is your interest in this model?

Behringer JT-2

So Behringer takes the polyphonic spirit away from its Eurorack Jupiter and replaces it with paraphony. That’s because the JT-2 only has a single voice of the Roland Jupiter-8 from 1981. It consists of two oscillators with cross modulation, sync, lowpass, and highpass filter, two envelopes, an LFO, and more.

According to Behringer, it will also host an autotune functionality and an synceable arpeggiator function which can be controlled with the colored Jupiter-style buttons on the lower part of the housing.

Behringer JT-2

It also has a front-panel MIDI input, a master volume, and master tune knobs. So that it also harmonizes with Eurorack synths, Behringer has added some patch points. Including gate in, pitch CV in, sync in, filter out, and a phone socket. More patch points would be desirable.

On the back, there is the classic setup that other Behringer Eurorack synths also have: audio output on a 6.3mm socket, MIDI thru, and USB port.

Behringer JT-2

Looks like an interesting synth. But do we need a paraphonic one-voice Jupiter?  Or do you prefer to wait for the Bupiter-8 with keys, which Behringer is also working on, according to the Facebook post?

Behringer JT-2 release is TBA and will have an estimated price of $299 USD.

More information here: Behringer

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    • Eurorack tends not to be able to save patchea as a rule. I think most people in this market will be just okay with this.

  1. Sorry Uli, all the chips and other parts are reserved for my final synth, the Behringer Proton. I’m the customer and you follow my orders! Greetings to China!

    • But on the other hand… when the Chinese have enough money/firepower to invade Taiwan, your new iPhones will be very, very expensive.

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