BounceBud, new MIDI generative sequencer brings physics to iOS and macOS

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Cem Olcay has released BounceBud, a new MIDI controller app that brings physics to iOS and macOS using bouncing balls.

Music is made with instruments. If synthesizers or virtual instruments are used, MIDI data is used to record the compositions. That with MIDI keyboards, controllers, or sequencers.

This is the classic way and probably the most used. There are also more experimental concepts to generate melodies like algorithmic sequencers. iOS developer Cem Olcay shows with BounceBud that you can also generate melodies wilder.



BounceBud is a new physics-based, generative MIDI sequencer consisting of four sides and lots of bouncing balls.

Each side has a customizable keyboard that sends a MIDI note when a ball collides with its key. This process is completely customizable using three parameters.  The ball count ranges from 0 to 100, allowing you to use just a few or tons for a ball explosion. Then, you can modify the speed and the size of the balls.

In the settings, you can also set the key/scale, velocity range, octave range, and MIDI channel settings of the keyboards. Handy, you can also specify the notes individually per keyboard. But all keyboards share the same key/scale and can be changed with the BrainBud app from Cem Olcay.

It’s particularly exciting that each keyboard has its own MIDI output, so you have four independent generative sequencers. So you can feet four different instruments apps, virtual instruments, or hardware synths with it. Plus, you can disable the keyboard sides you don’t want to use.

There is also a MIDI input, allowing to shoot “walls” from the keyboards. Balls can then interact with these walls, and it brings more randomness to your generative sequences. You can control each keyboard by assigning them different MIDI input channels in the settings menu.

Further, you can also toggle ball collision behavior, and modify both the size and ball variety. This adds randomization to the sizes and speed values. Lastly, you can change the color theme as well.

First Impression

A nice generative MIDI sequencer that runs on iOS and macOS (Apple Silicon). If you want to experiment with MIDI notes or explore new ways of composing, you can take a closer look at Cem Olcay’s new release.

BounceBud is available now for $4,99 on the Apple AppStore and runs as a standalone and AUv3 MIDI app on iPhone and iPad. On macOS (Apple Silicon), the app also runs in standalone.

More information here: Cem Olcay 

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