AudioKit King of Bass, new two-layer bass AUv3 Synthesizer for iOS

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AudioKit King of Bass Synthesizer for iOS takes you on a hybrid bass journey with synthesis & HQ samples playable via a dead-simple interface

At the beginning of the year, the AudioKit developers surprised us with the Saga Synth, a Synthesizer that focuses on the fascinating crunchy retro 16-bit world. The developers, led by Matthew Fecher, are constantly working on new apps.

Then in May, the free app King of FM came out giving users instant FM fun. Well, the AppStore needs more kings. With the King Of Bass, AudioKit is back with another excellent synth app.

Audiokit King of Bass

AudioKit King of Bass

King of Bass is a new bass Synthesizer for iOS devices. Its core is a two-layer synth and sample-based engine with 2000+ professionally created samples and custom waveforms. The best of both worlds: synthesis with PWM, as well as ready-to-use, sampled sound sources.

Then, you can shape the sounds with a newly developed filter that preserves the low-end part of your sound. From here, you can go deeper by applying various bass-enhanced effects, including bass distortion, a chain with a booster, a chorus, and a delay.

Modulation side, you can work with two multi-wave LFOs with advanced functions. For example, you can re-trigger them, use them as one-shot LFOs or modulate them with other LFOs. Each layer also hosts a full ADSR envelope.

Further, there is an easy-to-use step sequencer making bassline-style sequences a piece of cake. It also includes an onboard recorder that makes it easy to record your fat, nasty bass sounds within the app. Excellent is the kick-it function allowing you to transform any bass sound into a kick drum or 808.

According to AudioKit, King of Bass is an upgraded version of its Bass 808 app from 2020 with a few features of the previous app. You get over 300+ presets for instant inspiration within you can find 100+ starter sounds to make your own sounds.



First Impression

Another killer AudioKit synth app giving users instant inspiring bass sounds.

AudioKit King of Bass is available now for an introductory price of $3,99 instead of $9,99. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin.

More information here: AppStore 

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